View From a Hotel Window, 7/18/18 : Cincinnati

I’m doing a thing this evening in Cincinnati, and usually when I’m in Cincy I head home because it’s drivable, but tomorrow I’m doing a thing in Kentucky, so it made sense to stay here in town. And then on Friday I head to Cleveland for another thing! I am just doing a lot of relatively local travel, is what I’m saying. This is the life of a writer who does not currently have a deadline.

How are you today?

14 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 7/18/18 : Cincinnati”

  1. A thing in Kentucky? Is it public? Those of us in the Bluegrass state want to know…

  2. For a minute I though maybe you were going to the Lost Art Press open day and I was going to be very jealous. But then I remembered that it was last weekend. And you’ve never said anything about being interested in woodworking so that makes it doubly unlikely.

  3. “Thing 1. Thing 2. Thing….3?” – from the upcoming sequel The Cat In The Hat And The DNA Test.

  4. No offense to those living in Cincinnati but it is such a lovely city when viewed from a distance, say, from across the river, but up close and personal, I’ve noticed it’s starting to look a bit grimy the past several years. My wife and I used to love to spend time in Eden Park, watching the river far below, but last time we were there we felt lucky to have escaped unharmed. Indianapolis used to be a filthy – and dangerous – city but it has been cleaned up in the past twenty years or so and is now quite beautiful. Come on Cinci, clean up your act!

  5. Sounds like you (or someone) planned your travel days with an eye to a bit of a mid-summer break. I hope it is restful, or at least fun, and that the hotels are better than average.

    I am healthy today, thanks for asking, stressed at work as usual, and heading for an evening at my pottery wheel to decompress my head (I’ll compress the clay instead).

  6. I’m good. I’m currently wearing a birthday present, a “Scalzi’s Universal Blame Accepter” t-shirt ;)

  7. I’ve been feeling a bit lightheaded today. The family and I spent the past four days in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. That is a minimum of 6000 feet higher than I am used to. My son and I hiked up Bunsen Peak yesterday, and I don’t recover as quickly as I did when I was his age. We’re heading back home, so I hope to feel back to normal as we get to our usual elevation and time zone.
    I was thinking of you at our hotel last night. We were in Gardiner, MT, and I though I would totally win at “View From a Hotel Room.” Tonight, I just have a parking lot full of pickups.
    I am looking forward to seeing Cincinnati. That means I will be just an hour from home.

  8. I’m glad you explained, because my first thought at seeing “View from a Hotel Window: Cincinnati” was “Huh?” But a thing in Kentucky makes it make sense and we’re all good. Unless you flew to Cincinnati…….

  9. Is that … tan? … pavement? Or sand? Or a color-correction waiting to happen?
    Anway. Enjoy your Kentucky thing.