You Deserve A Flower

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Summer blooms.

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Hey everyone, you all deserve a flower! What for? For whatever you think you did well on this week! Maybe you cleaned your room for the first time in months, maybe you did really awesome at your job recently, or perhaps you drew a really pretty picture. Whatever small or big thing you accomplished this week, I just want to say good job! Please enjoy this complimentary flower, and have a great day!

14 Comments on “You Deserve A Flower”

  1. Hey Athena! Thanks for the lovely flower and thanks for all the work you’re doing as the Whatever Intern this summer. I don’t always comment but I have to tell you that I always look for your posts first in the mornings.

    (Sorry John!)

  2. What a gorgeous clematis, Athena! Thanks for sharing it.

    BTW, I had to try the footer link in the WordPress notification email to get here. The title link wasn’t working. Doncha hate when that happens?

  3. Thank you. I just finished writing an emotional section of my first short story, and needed this right now.

  4. Hey, this so beautiful and thank you so much. We all need to be appreciated from time to time to boost up our spirits. Thank you.❤️❤️

  5. You’ve got a great eye. And bonus points for it being purple :) Thanks for sharing.

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