News Books and ARCs, 7/20/18

Another week of summer passed, another summer weekend on tap, and a perfect time to catch up to these new books and ARCs that have arrived at Scalzi Compound. Anything in this stack that you’d enjoy reading on a warm summer night? Let us know in the comments!

13 Comments on “News Books and ARCs, 7/20/18”

  1. I didn’t know another McCaffrey was doing Dragon/Pern books. That might be interesting.

  2. Amazon has been teasing for months with the “record of the spaceborn few” pre-order. Can’t wait for it to actually deliver and I don’t think I have before envied your ARC stack so much.

  3. That’s the second of her kids to write more Pern books, drkatbarber. Her son Todd has written some too. Nice guy – met him at DragonCon (Oh, that Gather with Emerald Rose as the entertainment and Anne there and all…it was magic!) some years ago – didn’t really dig his take on Pern personally. I’ll have to check out Gigi’s.

  4. Definitely “Dragon’s Code” I have read everything in this series and it is the first entry from Anne’s daughter. Really wondering how it will go.

  5. Walter Jon Williams definitely and interested in the take on Perl of McCaffrey’s kids.

  6. I would not use one of the “80,000 Totally Secure Passwords” as any competent hacker is going to run the contents of the ebook version first to crack your password. Duh.

  7. Yeah! ARC of Walter Jon Williams 4th Praxis book. Can’t wait. And definitely Becky Chambers’ new one. Both are on my buy-it-on-release-day list. Mildly curious about the Gigi McCaffrey book; that would be check it out from the library or see if Edelweiss has an ARC.

  8. Somewhat off-topic, but…

    49 years ago this evening I watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren dance across the surface of the moon. despite all of our flaws and current bullshit, this country’s done things we can all be proud of.

    Like Paul Simon wrote, “They came on ship they called the Mayflower, they came on a ship that sailed the moon. they come in the age’s most uncertain hour, and they sing an American tune”.

  9. @BobDye – don’t worry, you can just add “1” on the end of one of them, or change an “a” to a “4” and nobody will ever guess that.

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