Beat Saber: AKA the Coolest Game Ever

Hey, everyone! Hope you all had an awesome weekend. This weekend, thanks to my friend, I got to try virtual reality. More specifically, I played Beat Saber for like, three hours, and my arms are extremely sore.

Beat Saber is this awesome rhythm game where you basically have two light sabers, red in the left hand and blue in the right, and boxes fly at you, and the goal is to slice the boxes with the correct saber in the correct arrow-direction. It has mostly techno songs, as those are generally the fastest, craziest songs with the most intense box-slicing.

If you’ve never tried VR before, it is a whole ‘nother experience. In Beat Saber, there are obstacles sometimes, like walls you have to dodge, and let me tell you, when the first wall came at me, I almost screamed. You really feel like you’re about to get hit by something, it’s so immersive!

I know it sounds kind of lame, just hitting boxes, but watch these videos and I guarantee it’ll change your mind.

Those are all on expert, by the way, so don’t be daunted if it looks too crazy to be physically possible.

Anyways, if you get the chance to play VR, you should definitely try it, if not for the game, at least for the experience.

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  1. We played this at work the Friday before last. It made me glad I don’t have a VR rig because this is all I would ever do during my waking hours. My wife came and played it and she agreed.

  2. Even VR on the ultra-cheap can be fun. I recently picked up one of those VR headsets from the local Five-and-Below. For five bucks, it’s a box that you just shove your smartphone into and it has twin lenses that can be focused/adjusted. Then you can get free apps (I’ve been playing within the “Jaunt VR” app) that show movies and whatnot, some of them 3D, and you’re looking all around within a 360-degree environment in a very realistic way. Worth trying before you go investing serious $$.

  3. I think this video is a better intro to the game:

    It swaps between showing the player in the real world and within the game footage (from the same angle).
    There have been some other VR rhythm games, but Beat Saber definitely looks like the most polished and most immersive one to date.

  4. We bought my son an Oculus a few months back. I use it to play Beat Saber a bit, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. You DO have to close the door and keep the cats out of the room when playing as you jump around a lot.

  5. I ADORE Beat Sabre. It is so much fun. I really wish I had a rig that would let me play it more often. That would be my early morning exercise routine.

  6. “Those are all on expert, by the way, so don’t be daunted if it looks too crazy to be physically possible.”


    That looks insane and also insanely fun. I would have loved this when I was a college fencer. (I would still love it, just on a rather slower, easier setting.)

  7. That looks awesome!! On the “related videos” for one of the above, they had someone doing it Darth Maul style that looked like a lot of fun!

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