Diego and Lola!

One perk of being in California is I get to hang out with two cool cats, or rather dogs, Diego and Lola! I know it’s only Tuesday, but, hey, it’s been a long week! You deserve these dogs! Lola is younger than Diego by two years, and has the black stripe pattern. Diego has more grey on his muzzle.

Without further ado, Diego and Lola!

14 Comments on “Diego and Lola!”

  1. Oh schweeet! I love the expression on Lola’s face in the first picture. Whatever is she smelling? ;-D

  2. Well, those are ugly dogs. But just to be clear, I’m saying that in more of a “Who-ose my ugwy widdle doggy woggy” tone of voice. And letting them get their little doggy drool all over me.

  3. Ermagerd! I love Boxers. We had one when I was growing up, and I still miss him – that was 40 years ago…

  4. Your pictures brought back nice memories of the Boxer my family had way, way back in the ’50s. What a great dog she was.

  5. My Daisy is a Boxer mix…mixed with a Twinkie we assume by her coloring.

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