My Worldcon Schedule

Next week I’ll be at Worldcon 76 in sunny San Jose, California. Want to know my schedule of events while I’m there? Sure you do! This is what it is. All events in the San Jose Convention Center unless otherwise noted:

Thursday, August 16:

8pm: Retro Hugos Party (includes 80s dance), room LL20: All attending members are invited to the Red Carpet Celebration for the 1943 Retrospective Hugo Awards. Immediately following the Red Carpet, you’ll be dancing through the decades as we award Science Fiction’s best for the year 1943. Come for the awards and then stay to rock out, 80s style, with DJ John Scalzi and dance the night away.

Yes, that’s right, I’m DJing an 80s dance, roughly beginning at 10pm! Come and bring everyone you know — it’s gonna be fun.

Saturday, August 18:

1pm: Hugo Finalist Reading, room 211A: Listen to some of this year’s Hugo Novel finalists as they share their work.

This reading includes me, Ann Leckie and Mur Laffery. I’ll likely be reading from The Consuming Fire.

3pm: Keeping Ahead of Tomorrow: Near Future Fiction, room 210F: How do you successfully write near future fiction when reality is constantly catching up? Is it meant to be predictive? A warning? Can your story avoid becoming dated? Panelists explore stories, books, and authors that have done this successfully, as well as the techniques that make it work.

Panel includes me, Sarah Pinsker, Linda Nagata, Annalee Newitz and Chen Quifan.

5pm: Author vs. Fan Ownership, room 210DH: How much do readers “own” the books they read? Writing is a private art intended for public display. Once the story is out of the writer’s hands, it can take on a life of its own–inspiring fandoms, fantheories, and fan interpretations that can vary widely from the author’s. How much do the fans own the work? Can you (and should you) divorce the writer from their fiction? What is the writer’s role in participating via social media in debunking or encouraging fan theories? Can the author be “wrong” about their own work? Our panel of authors and expert fans discuss the various and increasingly complex interactions between work, author, and reader.

Panel includes me, Foz Meadows, Greg Hullender, Renay Williams and Eric Kaplan.

Sunday, August 19:

2pm: Autographing, SJCC: Come get your books signed by me!

8pm: Hugo Ceremony, Grand Ballroom: Come see me probably lose a Hugo, but possibly win one instead!

And that’s my Worldcon 76. You might see me otherwise wandering about. If you do, feel free to say hello to me.