What You Should Be Watching: YouTube Edition: Binging With Babish

Hey, everyone! Welcome to another edition of “What You Should Be Watching”! And, yes, it’s another YouTube one because, hey, there’s a lot of good content on YouTube, and it’s free, unlike Netflix or whatever, so.

For this edition, I have chosen another cooking channel, mainly because I have only posted like one cooking related thing during my time here because I literally never cook, even though I love it. Aside from that, though, this channel is amazing and I’ve been watching it for a while now, and I think it is super awesome and worth sharing!

Basically, this dude makes specific food that has been shown in certain movies or TV shows, like Matilda’s chocolate cake, the Ultimeatum sandwich from Regular Show, the Michael Scott Pretzel from The Office, burgers from Bob’s Burgers, even a whole episode of foods from Harry Potter. Aside from those videos, he also has Basics With Babish where he teaches actual cooking skills and basics in the kitchen.

Even if you don’t like cooking that much, he’s very entertaining and it’s interesting to see him make things from famous shows and movies. Also, I think he has a nice voice. Check out a couple of my personal favorites:

He also has a cookbook out that you can buy here! Anyways, I hope you give this channel a chance, personally it’s one of my all-time favorites on YouTube. Have a great day!

11 Comments on “What You Should Be Watching: YouTube Edition: Binging With Babish”

  1. I totally agree! I’ve watched Babish for a year now and what’s more: I’m using many of his tips in my cooking (I live in Norway, where it is still quite common to bake your own bread and make dinner every day – eating out is EXPENSIVE here… ;) )

  2. Eggs Woodhouse!!! I must have this! But first I must take out a home equity loan…

  3. Can’t wait to settle in with this, thanks! I was so entranced by Big Night that I made a timpani(o?) myself. I wasn’t working full time then. :-)

  4. For cooking shows, I love America’s Test Kitchen, because they have this sort of methodical, scientific approach and I always learn something even if I don’t plan to make the dish they’re making for any given show. We recently went on a cruise where one of the shipboard entertainments was one of the America’s Test Kitchen people making stuff in front of you and giving lots of that interesting, test-proven general advice in the process.

    The Babish cooking videos seem a little bit creepy to me — why are the videos shot where you’re watching this headless person, with an occasional bearded chin? Cooking shows really need at least two cameras — one for a view of the speaker and one for food close-ups. And the background audio/”music” track is annoyingly repetitive and headache-inducing. Even the vocal audio is so bass-heavy that I had to turn down the subwoofer on my computer speakers to get through it (first time I’ve ever had to do that in the 10+ years that I’ve had those speakers).

  5. I enjoyed the video where Babish and another YouTuber tried to duplicate In-N-Out and Shake Shack burgers. We have neither of those in the Midwest and I want to try them. Animal style of course!

  6. Ha, I watched the Ratatouille video, and it took me a couple of minutes to understand the bit with the kid and toy stove and plastic food. Okay, THAT was funny.

    P.S. Dear Richard — Seriously? That’s your comment? Scolding Athena? (Don’t listen to him Athena, binge all you want.)