View From a Hotel Window, 8/15/18: San Jose

It’s a lovely day in San Jose, despite a certain amount of particulate matter in the air, cause by parts of California being deeply aflame. Here you can see the convention center in which we’ll have Worldcon 76, which starts tomorrow and runs through Monday. It’s nice to be in California again.

Aaaaand now I think I might take a nap.

12 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 8/15/18: San Jose”

  1. Looks like the view our hotel (although we’re on the other side of the tower).

  2. Live right next to San Jose and cannot make it to the convention, know I am missing some great stuff this year. Have a great time and if you see some weirdo waving at the convention center, it’s probably me. Have a great time

  3. Given what we’ve had in the air for the past week, that’s practically a clear sky! (and not much more haze than we usually have in late summer). A few days ago you wouldn’t have been able to see the mountains at all in that picture.

    Too bad I can’t make it to the convention this year, but enjoy my town while you’re here!

  4. Can’t make it to the Con, as we’ll be literally right up the street moving Son into SJSU residence halls this Sat. College freshman, classes start Tues.

    Hope everyone attending has a great time!

  5. Your book signing crowd is much larger then Sean Spicer’s according to my attending one of your book signings in Boston and seeing Spicer’s book signings g crowds on Full Frontal TV show.

    I bet your time in the public limelight will be longer too.

  6. After being asked “Is there anybody you would like to collab with”, video essayist Lindsay Ellis hemmed and hawed a bit, because she prefers to collaborate with people she knows in person, and then said:”John Scalzi would be fun to do a video with, […] he is a good sport and he has a good presence.”

    I almost missed it because you Americans pronounce Scalzi the wrong way, i.e. not the way it sounds in my head. :-)