Some Fantastic, Awesome, Super Cool Music

Hello, everyone! Today I’m here to share with you some awesome music from a very talented friend of mine, Jon R. Mohr. He’s a composer/musician, plays piano and writes music, all that jazz, and he has some pretty awesome sounding stuff I thought was worth sharing. He’s got slow, pretty piano pieces, action-y ones that sound like they’re straight off a video game, fantastical/otherworldly sounding stuff, even 8-bit music!

He says he uses a couple of different programs, like Reaper and EastWest. He is self-taught on all the programs and on piano, so that’s neat.

Anyways, you can check out his channel here. He is also open for commission work! You can email him at

Here’s a couple of my favorites by him:

Those two are from his Action playlist, which is probably my favorite playlist of his, that or the fantasy one, which this one is from:

But this dark fantasy one is also awesome:

Aside from these, his piano covers are definitely worth noting, too, like in this Hallelujah cover:

Anyways, those are just a couple of really great ones, but be sure to check out others on his channel, he has lots of fantastic stuff and I think he deserves a lot more recognition.

Hope you enjoy, and as always, have a great day!

Quick Hugo Update

Hanging out at the Hugo Losers Party.

Last night I did a thing that no one else in the entire history of the Hugo Awards has ever done, an achievement so singular, so unique, that no one could have possibly have imagined it for me or for anyone else:

I came in second in the Best Novel category to someone who has won back-to-back-to-back Best Novel Hugos!

No one else has ever done this! Ever! My achievement is monumental! No one can take this spectacular moment in time from me!

And naturally, I owe it all to N.K. Jemisin, who, by being the first person ever to win back-to-back-to-back Best Novel Hugo awards, created the necessary conditions for my exceptional position in the history books. I couldn’t have done this without all of her hard work over the years, and I thank her for it.

And of course I spent the evening basking in the glow of this historic event, in the company of friends who witnessed me achieve this thing. We partied through the night, we did. As well we should have. It’s not every night one makes history.

Also, as an aside, Nora Jemisin is heckin’ amazing, her Hugo win tonight was spectacularly deserved, as were her other two wins, and she rocked the ceremony with what is probably the best acceptance speech ever:

I was immensely honored to have been on the ballot with her, not in the least surprised that she won, thrilled that she has done so and would not have had the outcome be other than what it is, in this and in other categories. What a great night for the Hugo Awards.

So, while the first part of this post was obviously a bit silly, do not doubt that I am in all seriousness proud and happy to have come in second in the Best Novel category this year. The right book, and person, won, and I am delighted.

More Hugo and Worldcon thoughts later — today, I have some road tripping to do.