Announcing the Consuming Tour, October 16 – 28, 2018!

Yes! I am going on tour! Again! Twice in the same year (2.5 times, actually, since I am currently on tour with Mary Robinette Kowal)! This time I’ll be touring for The Consuming Fire, the sequel to the The Collapsing Empire. has all details, but if you’re too lazy to link over, here are the dates and places:

Tuesday, Oct 16 at 7:00 PM
University Bookstore
Seattle, WA

Wednesday, Oct 17 at 7:00 PM
B&N Clackamas
Portland, OR

Thursday, Oct 18 at 7:00 PM
The Last Bookstore
Los Angeles, CA

Friday, Oct 19 at 6:00 PM
Borderlands Books
San Francisco CA, Borderlands

Saturday, Oct 20 at 2:00 PM
Weller Book Works
Salt Lake City, UT

Sunday, October 21 at 7:00 PM
Old Firehouse Books (held at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church)
Ft Collins, CO

Monday, October 22 at 6:30 PM
American Writers Museum
Chicago, IL

Tuesday, October 23 at 7:15 PM
Flyleaf Books
Chapel Hill, NC

Wednesday, October 24 at 7:00pm
Quail Ridge Books & Music
Raleigh, NC

Thursday, October 25 at 6:00 PM
Avid Bookshop
Athens, GA

Saturday, October 27 at 11:00 AM
West Virginia Book Festival
Charleston Civic Center
Charleston, WV

Sunday, October 28, Time TBD
Texas Book Festival
Austin, TX

And now, the quick FAQ on the tour:

Are these all dates?


Can you add a date to come to my town?

No! Because literally a day after this tour I have to go to France for a week. Yes, I know. Poor me.

Why do you hate Canada?

I don’t. I will get there one day.

When does the book come out?

The same day the tour starts.

Are these free events?

Check the specific links. I think many are, but some might require a ticket. The ticket may be free, but may not.

Wanna hang out before/after your event?

I’m generally scheduled all day long for my event days, so probably not, but thanks.

Any other questions? Put them in the comments!

40 Comments on “Announcing the Consuming Tour, October 16 – 28, 2018!”

  1. Why do you hate Canada?

    I don’t. I will get there one day.

    YES! Please come and visit your northern neighbours! Make it as far east as New Brunswick and I’ll be one happy man!

  2. Aw man, no New England stops this time around? Hmmm – maybe I can justify some business travel to the west coast or NC…

  3. Yay, Borderlands! Love author visits there. Walking distance from home and way cool bookstore/cafe.: )

  4. Yay Utah! Having never been to one of these, do you do signing for more than the book you’re touring about? Would be cool to get my copy of Redshirts signed, but as I’m someone who’s hand cramps up after writing like one paragraph I’d definitely understand if not.

  5. If you could come to Spokane some time, that would be awesome. I know at least 8 people who would also attend. I’ll even bring you a regional burrito.

  6. What is on your schedule in France? Is it work or recreation?

    Please note that your wallets are built to hold smaller American sized currency, Euros are physically larger. Get your local bank to exchange some Euros before you travel so you can tip the Taxi driver. Your bank will offer a better exchange rate than the airport.

    Who in the family speaks French?

    And for the sake of international relations, leave the Hawaiian shirts at home.

  7. >Any other questions? Put them in the comments!

    Why do they never come to Kalamazoo? :-(

  8. Hi, hoping to make Athens event. Will you sign say my copy of Old Man’s War, and both collapsing empire books or just the Consuming Fire? Or nothing? Thanks

  9. Thursday, October 25 at 6:00 PM / Avid Bookshop / Athens, GA :: There are TWO Avid Bookshops in Athens, GA, and their Events calendar does not yet extend past August. Please advise. Many thanks for coming to a location within 70 miles of my home. I shall work on clearing my schedule for that day.

  10. Any other questions? Put them in the comments!

    Jean is shorter than Brutus but taller than Imhotep. Imhotep is taller than Jean, but shorter than Lord Scotland. Lord Scotland is twice the height of Jean and Brutus combined but only one-tenth of the height of Millsy. Millsy is at a constant height of x-y. If Jean stands exactly one nautical mile away from Lord Scotland, how tall is Imhotep?

  11. Enjoy the tour, just wish you were coming back to St. Louis. By the way, what happened to your tweets? When I click on the My Tweets link I get an unavailable message?

  12. I don’t suppose that you might have a pre-release copy or two of “The Consuming Fire” under the table at your appearance Sept. 2 here in the D.C. area?…hmmm? ;)

    And BTW you might notify your webmaster (if there is one) that despite all your recent appearances, that has been the only thing on your blog home page’s “About->Appearances” list for quite some time.

  13. @Dave Crisp:
    “Jean is […] taller than Imhotep. Imhotep is taller than Jean…”

    The answer clearly depends on whether he’s wearing the tall shoes or the flats.

  14. If you don’t have time before or after your event in Chicago, I guess you’ll just have to do your shot of Malort AT the event.

  15. I do not believe it !
    You will be going to my home town in West BY-GOD Virginia!
    I did not think that it was large enough to ever appear on a book signing tour . . .
    On the other hand – I have been living in California for years, so your appearance in Charleston is a moot point for me. :-(
    – Tom –

  16. Oh, dear, that is a rough schedule – twelve cities in twelve days with no breaks! That’s a long, long stretch of having to be Up And Friendly And Interactive And Talking All The Time. Does your publisher’s travel coordinator secretly hate you? Or did you suggest that schedule to get it over with as quickly as possible?

    I wish you easy travels and successful events in any case. I won’t be able to make any of the stops on this trip (the nearest one is 200 miles away from where I live, on a workday) but you were in our area on your last tour, so it is completely understandable that you’d catch other spots this time. I am fairly sure you’ll be back through our burg again, and I’ll wait patiently.

  17. Yay! Seattle! I’ll see you there. I usually only get autographs of authors who live here.

  18. Boston will miss you, but we’re grateful you came by for The Collapsing Empire! I still remember the event at the Brookline Booksmith, and how kind you were about my daughter, very happily.

    I hope this tour goes smoothly and I can promise anyone who’s on the fence about whether to go that they should definitely go! You do wonderful readings and are very kind in a signing line, too. Enjoy!

  19. Well, since you’ll be in France, you can pop over here to the UK on the way back. We’d love to see you!!

  20. France is fantastic, you will have a blast. Are there any plans for readings in Germany in the making? We have burritos too, you know? :)

  21. I caught you a couple of times when I lived north of CIncinnati and always found it entertaining. So, question: any chance you’d ever consider live streaming one of your events?

  22. So happy you are coming to Portland…..however, Clackamas is NOT Portland. It isn’t even in Multnomah County. Clackamas bloody mall is in Clackamas County! arg. Okay, I will take what I can get. But I do hope you get to at least fly over our lovely city on the Wilamette River ( a good half hour drive without rush hour traffic from Clackamas. Not to be overly pedantic here).

  23. I don’t know if anyone informed you of this, but with the Geffen Award celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, The Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy is giving a special Retro Geffen award this year, in which past winners and nominees can win again. Old Man’s War has been shortlisted, of course.
    I realize there’s no chance of seeing you here in Israel this year, but maybe next year or the year after?

  24. If you promise to bring Smudge I’ll make the San Diego to LA drive to see him, um, I mean you.

  25. Granted, November may not be the best season to sport a Hawaiian shirt in France… A sweater of jacket may be advisable…

    The question remains – is this a private trip or is it part of the book tour – and if the later, what are the dates/places?

  26. Woo hoooooo, you’re starting the tour here in Seattle! (Well, I’m technically in Everett, but it’s a stone’s throw away.) Too bad they’re not putting you in the church space again, but I will gladly come see you at U Books. Can’t wait to read Consuming Fire!

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