View From a Hotel Window, 8/24/18: Albuquerque

I’ve actually been in this hotel room since yesterday at around midnight, but I also stayed in bed all day yesterday which was delicious, so this is the first time I managed to haul myself over to the window and snap a shot. Hello Albuquerque!

I’m here for Bubonicon 50, at which Mary Robinette Kowal and I are writing co-guests of honor, and we’ll be doing stuff individually and together and it will be delightful. If you’re in the greater ABQ area, why not come on down? We’ll have all sorts of fun.

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  1. You probably won’t have time, but if you get a chance to take the tram to the top of Sandia mountain (probably one of those you see from your window), the view from the top is spectacular. We visited family there & took the kids, and in between fretting they would launch themselves over the edge, I really enjoyed looking back over the city.

  2. Breaking my heart! I was there on my motorcycle just over a week ago to visit son and cousins. Get thee to Sandia Crest via the tram (very touristy) or via the windiest, most enjoyable motorcycle road in NM via Rt. 14 off I-40 East of ABQ. And yeah, get a burrito someone else makes for a change of pace.

  3. Ah, the Southwestern sky!

    Greatly looking forward to your new novel…

    In the meantime, what are your thoughts on the two “new” Heinlein Hugos?

    Beyond This Horizon in particular seems timely, in an odd yet nonetheless real way…

  4. I grew up in Colorado, and when I left I thought I’d miss the mountains. But what I miss is that lapis lazuli sky.

  5. Well, so much for a WordPress system.

    Ignore the requisite login, leading to a thoroughly unused site.

  6. Saw you in Santa Fe Wednesday night, won’t have a chance to get to Bubonicon. My loss.You can get lots of burritos and churros, but don’t forget to try the sopapillas!

  7. Just discovered you as an author and am working through your books right now. How cool you are right here in Albuquerque this weekend. I just learned this a few minutes ago. I definitely will visit the Con tomorrow.

  8. I guess, unlike Bugs Bunny, John SHOULD take that left turn at Albuquerque.

    There is, or used to be, a big belly dance festival in Albuquerque (August, I think) called Shake And Bake. Is it still going on? Has anyone ever been?

  9. It’s too dark out to see if the view from my room is the same as yours! Enjoyed your panels today and am looking forward to more of them tomorrow.

  10. I have lived in Abq (as we local shorten it) since 2003. Sadly, I am outside Chicago on work, so I am not going to meet some of my favorite authors – and you :^). Bubonicon is a fun con – and named after NM having 5..10 cases of bubonic plague every year.

    Get thee to a Blakes one morning for their breakfast burritos – with green chile, of course. There is one near the con. Ask Kenneth. (Please tell Kennith I am sad to miss the con – we went to NMT at the same time…)

    You need to come back some time and visit Santa Fe, Socorro (the NMT campus has a fantastic mineral museum), the VLA, Carlsbad Caverns, Alamogordo (great space museum), etc. Trinity is usually open the first Saturday in April and October (verify). I am sure both Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs would want you to give a talk… You can write the trip off (hint..hint…)

    And the tramway .. yes, you must. They even kindly sell round trip tickets by default. If you have someone drive up the backside, you can take the tram up, take the car down && goto Tinkertown, one of the funkiest Americana museum you will ever find. (You can even just drive to Tinkertown – east on I40, then north on 14, left at the road to the summit. Look left at about 0.5 miles for the wine bottle walls….

  11. This is off topic, but I’m really curious and I don’t think it will be on topic any time soon:

    What’s with the Frosting Covered Man of the Year? Time Magazine? It’s been on the site for a long time, but I don’t know the origin.

  12. @Jo, Jill

    Additionally, the “Frosting Covered” thing is probably a light jab at Trump, who would commission fake Time magazine covers with himself on it. It was added to the site about the time that news broke.

  13. @frondosus Only if he’s in the Holiday Inn, in which case he should totally drink his soup out of the ashtrays as well.

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