This Is Goodnight and Not Goodbye

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my final post. Today, I’m just here to say what a pleasure it has been, and close the curtain.

I moved into my dorm at Miami today, and me being back here means summer is officially over for me, and that means after I post this, I am no longer a summer intern at Whatever.

I’m excited to start classes and be back on campus with the friends I made last year, but it is sad that summer is ending. However, I will definitely not miss the heat. Summer is the worst season. There are a lot of good things about it, no doubt, but the sweating and heat stroke kind of cancel it out.

Anyways, writing for Whatever proved to be a lot of fun! Sometimes it was hard to think of what to write, but I was so happy to be able to choose to write about whatever I wanted to. Thank you all for being such an amazing audience. If I posted music, you listened to it, if I posted a video, you watched it, and if I asked a question, you all answered! It has been so awesome reading y’all’s comments. I wish I had responded to more. I don’t know why I pretty much never responded, considering I read all of them. If I could go back, I would definitely reply to you all more often.

I sincerely hope you all have enjoyed reading my posts; I know I enjoyed writing them! If you want to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, my handle is ascalzi98 on both. I will really miss writing on here, but I’m totally stoked I got to do it at all, even if it was just for the summer.

When I went to camp as a kid, there was always a closing campfire on the last night of the week. At the very end of the ceremony, we would sing a certain song, and the last line of it was, “this is goodnight and not goodbye”. And that’s exactly what this is.

So, without further ado, I bid you all goodnight.

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  1. It was fun reading your posts and listening to the music (and watching the films) you chose. I hope your academic year is bright! I know we will be seeing more from you in the future.

  2. I’ve enjoyed your posts, and wish you the best for your next year of college.
    And…that was super stiff, but true!

  3. Athena, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us in a way quite different from your Dad/Employer! It was most refreshing to find out about those things and activities you like and how you shared those likes! Best wishes for the coming semester!

  4. Good luck! Try new things, and keep writing, if only for the practice.

    And consider taking at least one course waaaaaaay outside your focus. I took a computer major but the course that interested me the most was ‘Ancient Mythology.’ Which led to a better understanding of story-telling. (Still can’t write novels ;-) )

    If it interests you, explore it.

  5. Thank you, Athena, for all the posts with your thoughts and songs and anime. Have a great year with your friends and please, keep writing.
    Goodnight :)

    P.S.: You are right. Summer is the worst season.

  6. Thank you for sharing your insights and commentary here, Ms. Scalzi – I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better through your posts. I wish you a very successful and fun year back in college, and I hope that the blog’s owner will consider having you intern here again.

    PS — totally agree with you about summer. I am very ready to move into autumn.

  7. It’s been a pleasure to read your posts. You’ve got a good career in this writing thing ahead of you. Enjoy school. Crack them (virtual) books, crack skulls and leave them crying. In a good way. See you next summer!

  8. Thank you. You did a great job and as a result I listened to music I’d never heard of and watched videos in the same vein. Good luck in college!

  9. Thanks for the content this summer, you provided some entertainment recommendations that are outside what I would normally see. Watched a new show that I would have missed otherwise. Have a good year.

  10. That’s a beautiful closing song we use for last campfires at Girl Scout camp–“Linger.” Makes me smile to see it mentioned.

  11. Thank you. Enjoy your classes, work hard, keep a section of your journal for stories you wish to share with us.

  12. Around my household, when I suggest something new to do or just play some different music over the computer speakers, people are starting to catch on that, hey, Dad’s been reading one of those “Athena” blogs again! Kayaking (we went out and had a blast!), manga music, “Beat Saber,” Habit Burger, etc….your enthusiasm definitely rubs off….thank you!

  13. Ok, so now we go back to the other guy………..what’s his name.

    Thank you, Athena.

  14. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and enthusiasms with us. I’ll echo what’s above…I enjoyed getting to know you a little better and would welcome any updates that you’re willing and able to provide. In the meantime, enjoy school and remember: “Don’t let your academics get in the way of your education.”

  15. I’ve enjoyed everyone of your posts, didn’t always get the references and had to look some up, but always enjoyed them. Thank you and I look forward to next summer.

  16. I’m glad you enjoyed your time here this summer! And you pretty much followed your dad’s pattern of only replying to some comments, so I didn’t see it as a strange aberration when you didn’t. The post was your take, and then we commented. Either way it’s fine.

    Best of luck for a great year at college and thanks again for all your posts.

  17. Thank you Athena for sharing your thoughts and interests with us! My adopted rescue puppy, Cali, now 5 mos. old, SERIOUSLY thanks you, because your earlypost on volunteering at a Humane Society kennel led my GF and I to adopt her, and this dog HAS IT MADE NOW! And we love her. Thanks AS!

  18. Thank you for sharing your summer with us! Wishing you many good things in the days ahead…

  19. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Athena. Have fun at Miami. It is a beautiful campus and a great school.

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