New Books and ARCs, 8/30/18

Today we’re catching up on the new books and ARCs that arrived at the Scalzi Compound while I was traveling. There are some pretty excellent works in today’s stack — what here is intriguing you? Tell us all in the comments!

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  1. Been going out of my way to seek out non-euro-centric authors and Chen Quifan’s book looks like it would suit this quest nicely.

  2. Well, if you’ve never read Asher before, Gridlinked is where it all begins.
    The lazy review reads: cross Richard Morgan’s Kovacs with Iain Banks Cutlure and add a hefty dollop of Larry Niven Known Space-type of really interesting aliens.
    Highly Recommended A++

  3. Myke Cole (#pizzamyke) and M.R. Carey are a must. I’m not familiar with Sherri Cook Woosley but Walking Through Fire has caught my attention.

  4. Regarding the Chen Quifan book “Waste Tide” on that pile…

    Just a couple of years ago, Chinese sci-fi author Cixin Liu’s mind-blowing, “Three-Body Problem” trilogy came out, and the only bad thing about it was that that’s all we had of Cixin Liu to read in novel-length English translation. Now we have the just-released Cixin Liu novel “Ball Lightning,” (I’m currently reading it), and in addition to that, Mr. Scalzi has in his very lucky possession a novel of yet another contemporary Chinese sci-fi author, also newly translated by Ken Liu (the same translator as two of the “Three-Body Problem” books). I can’t wait for it!…however…

    Here’s the problem: (and elsewhere) says “Waste TIde” isn’t due for release until April 30, 2019! That EIGHT MONTHS from now. That’s awfully far in advance to tease people with advance copies. Scalzi’s own guidelines on “big idea” articles for example specify that the upcoming book must be within TWO months of publication. Do publishers always have advance copies that far in advance? If they’ve already set the type for the book and they can print copies like that, why wait EIGHT MONTHS to make it available to us common ordinary non-insider folks?!

  5. I am wondering (have been for a while too) about the new book from Peter Hamilton: “Salvation.”
    My hopes about this book are slightly up after hearing that is not yet another one about the “Void”. The one review I’ve seen at Kirkus is not too exciting. We’ll see.

  6. Someone Like Me by Mike Carey is def going on my ‘to read’ list – a great writer and a nice bloke!

  7. GOT to have me some new Peter Hamilton. That’s the good stuff. Neal Asher is awesome, but that must be reprint as Gridlinked been out for a while.

  8. Pianoman:

    1. Because ARCs are for reviewers and other industry folks and sometimes it actually takes that long to get marketing/PR campaigns running, particularly if those campaigns are bookseller-focused;

    2. Because publishing schedules are set sometimes years in advance and are contingent on factors other than when the text is done.

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