New Books and ARCs, 8/31/18

We’re heading into Labor Day weekend, and closing out August and the summer. Here’s a stack of new books and ARCs for you to contemplate for the ending of this month and season. Is there anything here you’d like to put in your September “to be read” list? Tell us in the comments.

The Other Cats

Spice and Smudge.

Someone asked me if the other cats are jealous of the attention that Smudge is getting as the new kitten. Well, in terms of the attention on the Internet, the answer is that I’m pretty sure they are not, inasmuch as none of our cats, no matter how clever they are as cats, understand the concept of online media to any great extent. In terms of us giving them attention, in point of fact we’ve been pretty scrupulous about making sure the older cats are not neglected for human attention versus Smudge. Kittens are kittens and need attention, of course. But we really like our other cats as well and don’t want them to feel neglected. So if you were worried about the disposition of the other cats regarding pettings and scritchings, never fear. They’re fine.