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The Big Idea: Greg Van Eekhout

Yeah, okay, Greg Van Eekhout’s Big Idea piece for Voyage of the Dogs got me genuinely choked up. Read it and you’ll figure out why. GREG VAN EEKHOUT: Spoiler: I don’t kill off any of the dogs in this book.  Why not? Because I’m not a monster, that’s why not. Voyage of the Dogs is […]

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1998/2018: Whatever 20/20, Day Four: Books

Well, this one is simple. In 1998, I had no published books. In 2018 I have — (counts fingers) (counts toes) (counts fingtoes) — thirty, depending on whether you count individually published novellas (I do), and that number will rise by the end of the year. This number doesn’t count books I didn’t write entirely […]

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The Whatever Digest, 9/4/18

Good morning! Let’s get to this thing. *** Steve Bannon and the New Yorker — Well, this was predictable enough, to anyone who wasn’t David Remnick: The New Yorker announced that Bannon would be the headliner of its upcoming “festival,” in conversation with Remnick, who is the magazine’s editor-in-chief. That didn’t sit particularly well with […]

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