Hey, Wanna See the First Chapter of The Consuming Fire?

If you do, it’s here.

13 Comments on “Hey, Wanna See the First Chapter of The Consuming Fire?”

  1. Ooooooooh, so tempting! But, I know I’d read it and be wanting more. And then have to wait another month! GAH!

    So – I’ll wait now. BTW, congrats on making your printing deadline!

  2. Yeah, but I’m old and have learned to wait. I’ll wait for the book (for which I assume you already have my money, but I have no clue how pre-orders work).

  3. Nice plot twist and recap. I should probably stop deliberating how I want to consume it and just buy it in all three formats.

  4. Very cool. One cynical question; does the cover purposely not mention the book is #2 in a series to help sales? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  5. Gah! This makes waiting that much harder!!!!
    Honestly, of all your books, I really think Collapsing Empire sits on the top of the stack. It just might supplant Android’s Dream as my favorite of yours. And that one I’d put next to HHGttG any day.

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