Sunset, 9/11/18

And if you look closely, you can see the new crescent moon.

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  1. Question: If you fin the right to be so intolerant, thus worthy of criticism (fairly or not), why haven’t you done the same with certain aspects of the Democratic party, either in the present day or in the near past?

    Not trying to pick a fight/or be a troll, but being a fan of American history I am curious as to why the Democratic party seems to get a free pass these days.

    And for the record, I don’t consider you to be a social justice warrior, if only because you don’t carry the same power like Facebook, Google and others have who silence legitimate viewpoints that go against whatever norm they dictate.

  2. We rarely get sunsets pretty enough for a picture like that around here. Are the Ohio sunsets what gave you the idea for that business with sunsets in “The Last Colony?” That line where Perry tells general Gau “I didn’t think it was for the sunsets” is one of the funniest lines in your books!

  3. GB Miller:

    Your question is addressed in the piece itself.

    Also, lol, the Democratic party getting a “free pass.” You’re clearly not reading where I read.

  4. Well I had no trouble noticing that spot in the piece (hint: search for the paragraph which begins: “(And also, while we’re continuing […]” Perhaps a case of selective attention? ( )

    That was my favorite paragraph in the piece. Clear thinking, and writing that cuts right to the quick. I’m a George Orwell buff (his non-fiction as well as fiction; I’ve read it all), and that kind of writing reminds me of some of his essays. Except with a little more oomph!

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