The Whatever Digest 9/11/18

Good morning! I slept in a bit and I feel pretty good about it. Let’s get to it.


I debuted my new author photo on Twitter yesterday and it got the expected responses, including “tell the hairy guy in front to move so we can see the cat.” I remember taking the picture and sending it in to Patrick Nielsen Hayden, by editor at Tor; he replied, “That’s on-brand for you” and sent it along to production. And of course he is correct, it is on brand. And also, I’m grateful that both Tor and Subterranean Press, my other frequent print publisher, have no problem with me offering up somewhat goofy author photos. The one before this was me only half in the frame; the one before that was me jumping around with a guitar. This may make it seem like I plan these things. I don’t. But I take a lot of picture, and a lot of pictures of myself. Some goofy ones happen as a matter of course. And then they end up on my books. I think it’s close to me than a straight up would be, in any event.


In a refreshing change from the usual, I understand yesterday’s biggest political scandal, aside from all the ongoing ones, was that New York gubernatorial candidate ordered a bagel with lox, except the bagel was cinnamon raisin. People freaked out about the flavor profile. How quaint! That’s right up there with Obama wearing a tan suit in terms of “politicians doing things we really shouldn’t actually care about.” But since it was a big news story, let me just say that while lox is not what I would put on a cinnamon bagel, a) I’m not the one eating it, she is, b) I’m hardly someone to criticize people on their food choices. Also, it’s a minor food crime at best. It’s not, like, eating New York style pizza with a fork.


Follow up to yesterday: My fantasy football team did indeed win its game. The Churro Unicorns are undefeated! And, uh, 1-0. And now I’ll have pick up a QB from waivers just in case Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play next week against the Vikings. This is more thinking about my fantasy football team than I thought I would be required to do.


And honestly, this is all I have for today. I barely paid attention to the world yesterday! I regret nothing!

20 Comments on “The Whatever Digest 9/11/18”

  1. We all know you are busy working on a cinnamon raisin bagel and lox burrito, so just get it over with already.

  2. Food crime I have witnessed: putting ketchup on sunny-side-up eggs. There were no Food Police to summon or I would have, and since this occurred in 1983, I’m sure any statute of limitations has expired. But enough about me. Great photo!

  3. DouginCA: Would that be an eyeworm? or a brainworm?

    Also, John, your digests are the best engaging writing I have enjoyed in a while.

  4. Anyone who’s courageous enough to order a cinnamon raisin bagel with lox *in public* is courageous enough to serve as Governor.

    (I like cheddar on my cinnamon raisin bagels. And if you’re gonna tell me it’s weird, remember that grapes and cheese are paired on fruit & cheese plates all the time.)

  5. You didn’t grow up in NYC back in the day where the choices for bagels were plain, sesame, poppy, garlic, onion or everything. And you topped them with cream cheese and smoked fish of some sort. None of these wimpy sweet flavors, and no fancy-schmancy capers! It’s a travesty, I tell you! Taking my heritage and turning it into something never dreamed of in the old country. Feh!

  6. It’s simply perfect. I wish it was my author photo. Or that I had any reason to take one :).

  7. I went to a couple pizza places when I was in China. For them, pizza is an expensive treat, in a proper sit-down restaurant, and they use a fork and knife to eat it. Even at the Papa John’s in Xi’an. (Don’t judge me; I hadn’t had a pizza in 4 months.) I got looked at funny for using my hands to eat pizza. (Then again, I got looked at funny a LOT. I was often the only Westerner wherever I went.)

    HOW you eat pizza is a cultural thing. And the idea that a politician is worth voting for, or not, because they know how to eat your signature food in the right way? Would you rather have a President who understands the political and economic ramifications of existing treaties, or one who can eat corndogs, New York pizza and paw paws just like the locals?

  8. I heartily support days of paying hardly any attention to the larger world. Today is going to be one of those days for me, as it has been for the past 16 years.

    The new author picture is delightful!

  9. I kept seeing stuff on Bagelgate (I follow Pat Kiernan on twitter), and all I could think was that I’m a 3rd generation New Yorker, and I love me some cinnamon raisin bagels with fish and butter. Everyone crying this isn’t how real NYers eat it is cordially invited to compare birth certificates and Ellis Island intake paperwork.

  10. Waiting for someone from Montreal to chime in with “well, it’s not actually a real bagel anyway”. [Disclaimer: I’m neutral on the great Montreal vs New York Bagel War, they are both great, just different]