New Books and ARCs, 9/14/18

Halfway through September now, and here is a very fine stack of new books and ARCs to note the occasion. See anything you’d like? Tell us in the comments!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Picked up the new Jasper Fforde while visiting friends in Stockholm last month – enjoying it immensely! It’s a different world than he has written before and it can be hard to follow if you’re reading it in fits and spurts (as unfortunately my life will only allow right now) but imaginative and with a few laugh-out-loud moments. His mind must be a fascinating place.

I’m in for anything by Walter John Williams and G. Willow Wilson. Also, The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories looks very interesting. I haven’t read a japanese anthology in quite some time, only novels. The last one, if I’m not mistaken, was a compilation of short stories by Banana Yoshimoto.

Kind of surprised you’re getting The Penguin Book Of Japanese Short Stories, as you write science fiction. Still, I’d love to check it out.

Also, G. Willow Wilson turning to prose again is always welcome. It’s been way too long since “Alif the Unseen.”

The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson looks intriguing. And Richard Morgan’s Thin Air of course.

The Accidental War! A fourth book in Walter Jon Williams’ Dread Empire’s Fall series is a must for me.

G. Willow Wilson! Please! She’s local to Seattle, super nice, and Alif the Unseen was sooooo good. Tell me it’s good so I can have a copy ready for Emerald City Comic Con.

Read The Accidental War. Really interesting how Williams can take politics and financial stuff and make an engrossing novel out of it. Warning: it’s the first of a sequel. I can’t wait for the next one.

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