Daily Archives: September 19, 2018

New Books and ARCs, 9/19/18

Lots of new stuff, so this will be a two-stack week here at the Scalzi Compound. Here’s the first stack of new books and ARCs for the week. Anything catching your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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1998/2018: Whatever 20/20, Day Nineteen: Hobbies

I’m not sure I had hobbies in 1998. I definitely didn’t have the hobbies I have now, back then. Hobbies are, for the purposes of this entry, things you do that you enjoy for themselves, and not because you plan to make it a professional part of your life to any extent. I think it […]

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No Whatever Digest Today But Here’s a Picture of Smudge Looking Like He’s Just Seen the Boogeyman

He’s just yawning, mind you. But still. No Whatever Digest today mostly because my morning was tasked with getting teeth cleanings and otherwise taking care of offline business, and I have more things to take care of this afternoon. As an aside, some of you have mentioned to me the “Whatwitter” feed is down in […]

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The Big Idea: Myke Cole

What is a hero? For Myke Cole, the answer to this question is not exactly the one that usually applies. It’s a thing that helped to fuel the writing for his latest, The Queen of Crows. MYKE COLE: Five years ago, I wrote about a singular experience. I know we live in the age of […]

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