New Books and ARCs, 9/21/18

As promised, here is the second half of a big haul of new books and ARCs at the Scalzi Compound this week. Some excellent choices here — do you see anything in particular you like? Tell us in the comments!

13 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 9/21/18”

  1. Yeah a new Carey book is the highlight here. But a new series by Miles Cameron is probably pretty good, too. I only read books by authors with the initials MC.

  2. I reread Sheepfarmer’s Daughter since it was part of the Baen Monthly bundle. That of course leads into rereading everything Elizabeth Moon ever wrote.

  3. “Waste Tide” was already shown on your stack of books for August 30, 2018. Remember?…I posted a gripe about the fact that it isn’t actually coming out until the end of April next year! That’ll teach me for griping…I bet you showed it again on purpose just to rub it in that you have the book and I can’t get it until eight months from now…neener neener! ;)

  4. Reading Sheepfarmer’s Daughter right now. Read ARC ePub versions of Her Magesty’s American and The Alexander Inheritance earlier. Have never much liked Moon, but Sheepfarmer’s Daughter is changing my mind about her. Disappointed in Steve White’s American. Interesting concept, but found the writing bordering on terrible and the plot twists telegraphed a mile ahead. It occurred to me that the previous stuff of his I liked were all collaborations with other authors. Inheritance was pretty good. Really brought home to me how huge and complicated your average cruise ship is.

  5. Sheepfarmer’s Daughter is of course the standout, anytime a classic gets reissued that’s gonna happen. Alexander Inheritance has been around for a bit as well, have to say, despite being smack dab in my genre wheelhouse, I wasn’t a big fan. Seemed rushed and a bit disjointed. Straight Outta Tombstone looks like a promising anthology, that’s probably the highlight of the stuff I haven’t already read.

  6. Absolutely LOVE Elizabeth Moons books – especially The Deed of Paksenarrion, of which Sheepfarmer’s Daughter is the first book.

  7. Waste Tide looks interesting; Ken Liu is the same translator who worked on Three Body Problem et. al. by Cixin Liu (Liu Cixin?) And of course the reissue of Sheepfarmer’s Daughter; I picked the trilogy up for my Kindle when it went on sale long ago, and never regretted it. Lots of people seem to have a love for Elizabeth Moon, reissue or not.

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