The Whatever Digest, 9/24/18

I’m at the airport super early, so let’s check in on the state of the world, shall we?

Oh. Oh. Well, that’s no good, is it.


At the moment I have nothing useful to add about what’s going on with either Kavanaugh or Rosenstein situations, because in both cases no one else seems to know what’s going on, either, other than it’s a real mess. Anything I’d say here will be superseded elsewhere in the next half hour, so — check on tomorrow? I guess?

These are exciting times, and not in a good way.


In other news, is running the Prologue to The Consuming Fire today, so if you’d like a sneak preview of the upcoming novel (out in just three weeks!), here you go. I like it, but then I would.


And how was your weekend in New York, Scalzi? It was nice, thank you for asking. I did a bit of business, saw some dear friends, hung out with some cool people, and connected in real life with someone who had previously been a Twitter pal and was delighted to discover that they are awesome in real life as well, and I think they felt similarly. Also I went to MoMA and saw a bunch of cool art. On the downside I turned my ankle a bit so walking around Manhattan was not an unalloyed joy, but then again, I didn’t turn it enough that I couldn’t walk, so I walked a bunch anyway. I got my steps in, is what I’m saying. And Saturday, which was the first official day of autumn, was exactly what you would hope an early fall day would be in New York City. In all, A++, would visit NYC in mid-September again. I hope you had a similarly fabulous weekend.

And now, back to loitering at the airport. Funny how many fabulous trips end up that way.

12 Comments on “The Whatever Digest, 9/24/18”

  1. Glad our weather met with your approval. It has finally turned relatively cool and breezy. I love it. Great sleeping weather.

    Have a safe flight.

  2. @John Scalzi

    Be glad you are where you are and your fave gals are safe. I truly mean that.

    The last two and a half weeks have been hell for me and my better half. Her mother died and we had to plan a funeral at the beach which got interrupted by Florence. We got it done just in time to evacuate inland although that bitch hurricane followed us. Even now, there is massive flooding just a few miles west of her home town. Their home has been wrecked from just the initial storm shit. And add all of that on top of the fact her mother DIED. None of ya will understand what a terrible loss that was, and I mean that truthfully.

    I’m absolutely honest when I say where ever you are, I DO hope you and your family are safe and secure. ’cause some of my family is neither safe nor secure. Sorry to be the downbringer of rain and pain. Life IS!

  3. Do you have a favorite ethnic food that you can not get near home, but can find and enjoy in the big city?
    Luckily I live where I can eat Indian food, from both the north and the south. I can enjoy Buffalo and a restaurant that has game meat (bear, elk, deer, rabbit, ostrich, etc) dinner month.

  4. I’ve resisted the urge to read ahead, and will continue to do so. I preordered The Consuming Fire and it won’t be long now before it’s in my sweaty little hands. BTW, any word on the audiobook? Will Wil W. be narrating?

  5. re Wiredog – ” “Well, fuck” seems like a sane reaction, someone should use that as the opening of a book.”

    I tend to use the expression OFFS a lot lately – Oh For Fucks Sake!”

    And can we pre-order -signed- copies somewhere? Or did I miss that? Thanks

  6. Dana, Wiredog, I think Andy Weir used something quite like that in the opening of The Martian: “I’m pretty much fucked.”

  7. “Saturday, which was the first official day of autumn”
    THIS is why I must stomp off your lawn, flouncing and slamming the door as I go.
    (The burritos are fine.)

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