My Home Internet is Down and My Cell Phone Hotspot Connection is Totally Crawling so No Whatever Digest Today

I’ll be posting a Big Idea and a Whatever 20/20 piece in a bit, although I may have to go down to the public library and use their connection to do it. Like a prole.

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  1. Oh man, you’re gonna have to rub shoulders and share bandwidth with the hoi polloi? We empathize with your pain.

  2. Hate it when the digital self gets out of synch with the non-digital self. The incongruity of it all!

  3. Ugh. How stressful that you must rub shoulders with the hoi polloi.

    Do you still have your palanquin? That might take some of the sting out of it.

  4. A quick read of your headline made me think your mobile hotspot was crawling *with* something, like alien energy parasites, maybe. Glad to discover it wasn’t that serious.

    And think how this experience will enhance your “common person” cred, should you wish to employ it. “I’m a regular guy! I even use the library internet, like all you regular guys out there!”

  5. So let me tell you about my network connection. First, I am using a laptop at the end of a copper ethernet cable to our local home wireless router, which is at the far end of a 100 yard long ethernet cable inside a conduit up onto the top of the ridge, where it enters our neighbor’s network center. Ethernet is only certified for 100 meters, so we just barely make it. We have talked about longer range wireless connectivity, but we don’t really have line-of-sight to their house for the bulge of the mountain.

    They built their house on an acre along the edge of our farm (aka forested WV hillside) which we sold them for $10. I have known him since he was in high school in the long ago, and her since they got together not so long after he graduated from Marshall. He is a scientist, who dabbles in network administration for our purposes, and we are grateful for his help.

    There are two sat dishes up there, which provide us with odd connectivity, depending upon the weather both down here in the atmosphere AND up there in space. Sometimes we can watch streaming video, MSNBC or a sports event. Sometimes it’s as slow as the dial-up modems used to be…

    We don’t even get cell connections in the hollow, nor up on the ridge, just not close enough to a tower.

    So don’t complain about YOUR connectivity. ;-)

  6. Marion Deeds: I assumed it was just crawling away, forcing him to chase it if he wanted to use it. Did produce a kind of insectile image, I admit.

  7. No internet is annoying no matter what the circumstances. I sympathize with you. I didn’t see any complaining in the post. Just information.

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