Krissy Gets Ready For October

She’s goth!

(She’s not really goth. In fact this picture she’s in our kitchen and if memory serves is looking down to see whatever damn fool thing Smudge is up to. But Photoshop is a hell of a thing.)

Here’s a less goth photo of Krissy. She was walking down our stairs and I called to her and snapped this photo as she looked back.

She looks like this. Walking down stairs. So, uh, yeah.

(“But did you use Photoshop on that one, too?” Well, obviously I did, for color correction and contrast and so on. My stairwell does not have diaphanous lighting all on its own. But Krissy is Krissy. She is her own special effect.)

In other news, I’m glad my wife tolerates me taking so many pictures of her. She’s my favorite photographic subject, no offense to my cats.

8 Comments on “Krissy Gets Ready For October”

  1. I have to admit, for years I just assumed that you either A) used more Photoshop that you let on, or B) Krissy is just one of those ridiculously photogenic people who look amazing on camera no matter what they’re doing. Maybe both…
    …and then I saw her in person (across the room at one of your signings) and I distinctly remember thinking “Well, damn. She really is just *that* pretty.” No Photoshop needed. I apologize for ever doubting either of you.

  2. I really like the narrative quality of the first one.

    Having met Kristine briefly, w/you, at HawaiiCon a couple of years ago I would say she is this beautiful without photoshop.

  3. I’ve never seen Krissy IRL, or even seen video of her moving or heard her talking. My impression of her is based entirely on still photographs, so it could be acres away from the sort of person she actually is, but I have this image in my head of her not just being handsome and good looking (though she is), but she seems to carry herself with…I’m not even sure what. I’ve seen pictures of her in sweaters, and wearing boots, and I think once there was a picture of her on a roof, and she just seems…capable and calm and kind of ready to handle any sort of problem, in any picture i see of her. Like, you could photoshop a hammer or a wrench into her hands in just about any picture and I feel like it would fit. And I really appreciate that. I don’t see many pictures of women like that on the internet or anywhere else, though to be fair I don’t go looking. I appreciate pictures of women who look like they take no shit, but who are not wearing doc martens and dark eye shadow and carrying sledgehammers.

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