The News is a Trashfire Today, So Here’s a Rainbow

I mean, the news is a trash fire pretty much every day these days. But today, there was also a rainbow by my house. So I went out and got a picture of it. Figured it would be a nice change of pace for everyone. Please enjoy, and I hope the rest of your day is a little better because of it.

15 Comments on “The News is a Trashfire Today, So Here’s a Rainbow”

  1. Awesome, thanks. Nice to see some beauty in and amongst the garbage that flies around all day.

  2. Yeah, thanks. Maybe one day it will all be funny, not today though. It is like watching a toilet flush.

  3. Not all of the news is a trash fire. I was happy to see that a woman finally won a Nobel Prize in physics after a 55 year drought (and she’s only the 3rd woman to win one). Sad that it’s taken so long, but hopefully the next ones will be more frequent.

  4. What an incredibly beautiful sky.
    How amazingly well-photographed.
    I’m so happy that’s a photo and not a jigsaw puzzle!

  5. wiredog, Sean Kilpatrick, you do realize the rainbow in question is located closer to John’s grid square than it is to the imperial capital?

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