View From a Hotel Window, 10/4/18: Minneapolis

The view is on a grid.

I’m here in town for a trade show, so unfortunately will not be doing public events, sorry. But I’m always happy to be in Minneapolis. It’s a lovely city, if twenty degree cooler than where I just left.

How is your Thursday?

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  1. I wonder if City Paws would let you play with any of the doggies there for daycare or boarding.

    And welcome again to my home state! It was around 74 degrees yesterday and muggy, so today’s temps were a lot more desirable.

    Enjoy your stay!

  2. Lovin’ the golden autumn..Just found this note from my sister in Corvallis OR…the new book store has a rare book room… reading and avoiding politics for the day to preserve my sanity.
    Get this:
    “Being rare, however, doesn’t always equal antique. An autographed first edition of “Redshirts,” a 2012 “Star Trek” satire by John Scalzi, is on sale for $100 at the Book Bin. A first edition of “World War Z,” a 2006 novel later made into a movie, also is considered a rare book.”
    There ya go!

  3. Christine Betts – Australia – Author, Visual Artist, Wife, Mother and Seeker. Not the kind of Seeker from Harry Potter (although, I wish!) but of the spiritual kind. I believe that life has meaning, but it's up to us to do things daily that bring meaning to our lives and those of others. We are all one. ~You are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop ~ Rumi
    Christine Betts

    Nice. Has a touch of Hopper to it.

  4. Welcome to town. Hope your stay goes well.

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