A Decade of WordPress Hosting (Or, This Year’s Annual Unsolicited Endorsement)

A decade ago this very week (on 10/10/08, in fact), Whatever moved from being self-hosted to being hosted on WordPress, and on its very fine VIP service. Lots of things have happened in the world and in my personal life since that switchover, but you know what hasn’t happened? Whatever being down or inaccessible for any real period of time. For a decade, and including some of the heaviest traffic days this site ever had, I’ve never had to worry if the site was going to go down, or be inaccessible, or be vulnerable to the short of BS attacks many sites fell prey to. After a couple of years of my site struggling with heavy traffic days, it was truly gratifying for the site to have a home that was, and has been, built to last.

This is why every year I remind people — without prompting from WordPress! This is all me! — that WordPress is a truly excellent hosting solution for blogs, and when you pair it with WordPress’ best-in-class blogging software (which has also been a delight this last decade), it’s a pretty powerful combination. I’ve been using the VIP hosting for all this time, but WordPress has several levels of service that are designed to fit your needs and budget, all of which, in my experience, are rock solid. I have never had cause to regret bringing Whatever over to WordPress. After a decade, that’s saying a lot.

So: WordPress! It’s great! I enthusiastically endorse it for all your Web site and blogging needs.

And to the folks at WordPress who might be reading this: Thanks for being awesome for this whole decade, and for giving Whatever a very fine home. You’re the best. Let’s keep at it.

9 Comments on “A Decade of WordPress Hosting (Or, This Year’s Annual Unsolicited Endorsement)”

  1. They are really reliable and easy for someone who isn’t tech-savvy, (and I’m not) to use.

  2. Do WordPress ever thank you for your endorsement? (And nice that they are good enough for it.)

  3. I’ve only been blogging for 3 years, but as a software engineer by day, who’s worked as a web developer, I appreciate the ease of use for all the blog features I need.

  4. I moved to WordPress from GoDaddy when they shut down my access my site because I set up the home page to go black for the SOPA protest. For exactly eight hours from 8am to 8pm. SOBs. And when I blogged about it on my new WP blog I actually got a phone call from one of GD marketing weenies wanting me to help him understand why I was unhappy because it had given him a sad. Really, Eff them. On WP I use their site and pay for a pointer to my url ($13/yr) and a premium theme ($99/yr) and it’s worth every penny. Except that WP made some kind of billing error earlier in the year which I hadn’t even noticed until I got an email from them apologizing for it and informing me that they were waiving the $99 fee for this year to compensate me for any inconvenience. Srsly, how to win and retain customers.

  5. Any input on the uproar over the new Gutenberg situation? Seems like something you might have input on, if only because as a VIP user, you’re going to be forced to the new editor as soon as it goes live.

  6. I chose WordPress for my blog on moving to Canada that I started in April in large part because of your recommendation here based on your experience with WordPress. Every thing you typed I can attest to as being true of WordPress. Thanks, Sir John.

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