New Books and ARCs, 10/12/18

As we head into an increasingly autumn-like weekend here at the Scalzi Compound, here’s a slightly-larger-than-usual stack of new books and ARCs for you to peruse and contemplate. And if there’s anything here that rings your bell, tell us about it in the comments!

15 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 10/12/18”

  1. Ooh! The Lesson for sure. Caswell Turnbull writes great horror with fascinating Virgin Islands context.

  2. Picked up a signed ARC of Astounding at Worldcon and, for the most part, really enjoyed it. The portion leading up to the publication of Dianetics in Astounding (about the first 300 pages of the book) was excellent. However, I think that the author tries too hard to bring Asimov and Heinlein into the period covering 1951-1971 (which he covers in the next 80 or so pages), when their contacts with Campbell were greatly diminished. Nevada-Lee does the things together in the epilogue and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a history of the SF genre.

  3. the title “A Bad Deal for the Whole Galaxy” appealled to me too, but now I see it has a predecessor I guess I should read that first.

    I definietely do not want to read “The Beasts Heart” I am thoroughly over Beauty and the Beast retellings.

  4. I just read The Beast’s Heart (the gorgeous cover overcame my innate revulsion of all things Beauty and the Beast) and I LOVED it. It’s told from the beast’s perspective and certain aspects of the story have been changed.

  5. Radiant Night was truly wonderful. Early on I thought I had the book figured out but it kept on weaving away from expectations. The characters and world building were superb and made for an engaging and “must get back to it” kind of read. Highly recommend.

  6. I read the ARC of Astounding and thoroughly enjoyed it. Astounding’s glory days were a ways before my time but I found Campbell’s ambition to try and use Astounding’s readership as a sort of think tank for society at large to be fascinating. Delusional, but fascinating. Nevala-Lee is perfectly willing to show you the dark sides of these people and that’s refreshing. In my opinion, Asimov ends up looking like the guy who had the best grip on reality and understood the extent and limits of his talent. Side note: at Worldcon Nevala-Lee was asked if there was any followup book that he had in mind. His answer was that he might consider a book about Leslyn Heinlein and Donya Campbell, the first wives of Robert and John. Intriguing.

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