How to Get Signed Copies of The Consuming Fire: The Informational Post

Want a copy of The Consuming Fire signed to you? You have numerous options, all good. Here they are:

1. Come see me on tour! Which starts tomorrow in Seattle and winds through a significant portion of the United States. Aside from being able to get your book signed, you’ll also get to see me read new stuff and otherwise try to be amusing for you. This is probably the easiest way to get a book signed, since I will be there, you will be there, and it’s the reason we’re both there.

If you’re not going to be able to get one of my events:

2. Order the book from one of the bookstores I’m going to be touring at. If you order before I get to the bookstore, then I will happily personalize your book as well as sign it. But even after I am gone, you can still probably get a signed book, because I’m likely to sign their remaining Scalzi stock. Call them and check!

3. Subterranean Press still has a limited number of signed Consuming Fire copies you can get. (update: all gone!)

4. Jay and Mary’s Book Center, my local indie bookstore, will also have signed copies available, once I go down to the store today to sign them (along with the rest of their Scalzi stock). With respect to Jay and Mary’s, in November I will also be doing my thing where I sign books for the holidays, so even if they sell out of signed Consuming Fires while I’m on tour, I’ll be going there again in just a few weeks to sign more stuff. So you can still order from them and I’ll still sign them! Eventually!

There, now you’re all caught up!

3 Comments on “How to Get Signed Copies of The Consuming Fire: The Informational Post”

  1. I know this is nothing you control, but I *really* wish there was an option to get the signed copy in Germany without paying $27 for shipping 😕 Adding to that, the audio book isn’t listed on Amazon, Audible, or Apple Books (neither in German, nor in English, although I do prefer the latter). If it won’t be up tomorrow I’ll have to get the actual physical book and hope the audio book will be released soon after that

  2. Ah, thank you for this – I want to get a signed copy for a family member for the holidays, and was hoping that Jay and Mary’s might have a supply! Because as much as I love my family, they are NOT gonna get their hands on MY signed and personalized copy. Which just arrived today from Sub Press, by the way, just in time for me to take on vacation!