The Consuming Fire is Out and I’m On Tour!

Today’s the day! The Consuming Fire, the second book in the Interdependency series and the sequel to the Locus Award-winning and Hugo Award-nominated The Collapsing Empire, is now out in the United States and Canada (and the US edition available in other places in the world). The UK edition will be out on Thursday. The Consuming Fire is out in hardcover and ebook editions, and also in an audiobook edition narrated by Wil Wheaton.

You can get the book at your favorite local bookseller, and also online at the following retailers (among others): Amazon|Barnes & Noble|Books-a-Million|Google Play|iBooks|Indiebound|Kobo|Powell’s. The audiobook is available via Audible and Amazon.

The reviews for The Consuming Fire are in, and they’re pretty great: “Scalzi’s key players remain individually distinctive and delightfully outrageous… this novel sits perfectly in its second-book role, leaving the reader deeply invested in the developing story, with plenty left to tell,” said Publishers Weekly. Library Journal says it’s “another fast-paced romp through Scalzi’s imagination,” while Booklist says that “Scalzi writes, as
always, in a lively, occasionally flamboyant style, and his characters are, despite the fact that they live in
the far-flung future, as real and human as anyone you’d meet in the here and now. Scalzi once again
demonstrates why he is one of the most popular SF novelists currently writing.”

I’m supporting the book with a twelve-stop tour, starting this evening in Seattle. Here’s the whole tour itinerary. Also, here’s what I’ll be doing on tour. Please come see me on tour, and bring along every single person you’ve ever met in your life.

If you see me on tour, you can get a book signed by me. If you’re not going to be able to see me on tour, here’s how to get a signed book by me anyway.

I’m very proud of The Consuming Fire, and also, I really like it. This series has some of my favorite characters ever in it, and as a writer it’s just as much fun for me to visit them and see what they’re up to as I hope it is for you as a reader. I’ve enjoyed writing all the intrigue and interstellar politics and space battles. I think you’re going to enjoy reading them, and this book.

And before you ask: Yes, there will be another novel in the series. Oh, yes.

If you’re in Seattle, I will see you tonight! Portland, Oregon: You’re up for tomorrow!

23 Comments on “The Consuming Fire is Out and I’m On Tour!”

  1. Congratulations and Thank You: Now I have something to keep me from sleeping tonight ;-).

    I managed “The Collapsing Empire” in a single session. But the last weeks on the jobs left some marks, so I doubt I will manage it this time.

  2. SOOOO excited for this book! And even more excited that there’ll be another one in the series to look forward to as well!
    I wish you safe travels and all success on your tour, and thank you for sharing your imagination and your writing craft with all of us, sir. You make my world a brighter place.

  3. What? No Ann Arbor? You couldn’t drive a couple hours north? You know we love you in Michigan!!!

  4. Congratulations and happy book birthday! I got my Audible copy right away. I’m looking forward to listening to it soon.

  5. I recall you originally said this would be two books in series. Did it metastisize, did you just decide you had more to tell, or couldn’t finish in two non-doorstoppers?

  6. Arlington (Va.) Library posted that they have four copies in processing as of today and I’m first in line on the hold list!

  7. Nice. Another series to tuck into.

    I have just been reading Androids Dream (which is where I got the address of whatever from) and remembering why I liked the Old Mans War series).

    Looking at your bibliography and thinking there may be enough to hide me over in my Singapore hotel room in the coming weeks. Hopefully Kobo has them all (before they go to my Calibre library back in Auckland).

    Keep writing.

    BTW: Your comments about wordpress in recent post rang very true. I have been operating a standalone multi author wordpress site over the last decade. 23 thousand posts and more than 1.4 million comments, and it really doesn’t blink (much) and then usually only at election time. Nice software – even for a c++ programmer.

  8. Downloaded to my tablet, about to start book two of The Consuming Fire, having reread The Collapsing Empire twice while waiting.
    Not surprised to find I’m really liking this novel.

  9. Weirdly, Dragonmount lists it as “Out of Stock.” I suppose I could always try Kobo but their record on keeping stuff DRM-free is pretty weak.

  10. Just finished it. I liked it even more than The Collapsing Empire, which is really saying something. The third book is sure to be interesting – without giving anything away, I think Kiva is now my second favorite character 🙂…

  11. Also recently finished it. The plot twists make it a good read although it can be a bit disorienting when you think you know where the plot is going and it suddenly does a ninety degree turn. And as per The Collapsing Empire, Kiva is still Kiva.

  12. I buy almost all of my ebooks from Kobo, and I don’t recall ever downloading an ebook from Tor from their website with DRM.

  13. Thanks Bruce. Got it from Kobo and it looks good (and apparently I had a $5 credit knocking around. Go figure!)

  14. [Deleted because if you have a complaint about my publisher, take it up with my publisher — JS]

  15. I finished the book yesterday evening. Thank you, it was a good read!

    I still like the fact that ‘kiva’ means ‘nice’ in Finnish. Kind of feels like an accidentally ironic name.

  16. This is weird: as I mentioned under an earlier “Whatever” blog piece, I was something like number 30 in line on my library’s hold list for a single on-order copy of “The Consuming Fire.” Well, 20 minutes ago I got an email from my library notifying me that “The Consuming Fire” is waiting for pickup at my local library!…and now I have it in my hot little hands, a mere ONE DAY after release day! The librarian told me that that sometimes happens when the book belongs to a certain branch, and a person from that branch (me!) is in the hold list — intending to minimize in-transit times between branches. Woohoo!

  17. Ordered and finished it last night. Nice read!

    I noticed on Amazon that it was #1 sales in ‘Military Science Fiction’

    How is the category assigned? I hope it wouldn’t be considered a spoiler to say that there wasn’t a ton of what I consider ‘military’ action to the plot.

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