View From a Hotel Window, 10/19/18: San Francisco

And look! A parking lot! That’s a first on this tour.

Tonight: Borderlands Books! Tonight! At six! Which is an hour earlier than the usual evening event. Plan now!

Tomorrow: Salt Lake City and an afternoon event at Weller Book Works! 2pm! Be there!

9 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 10/19/18: San Francisco”

  1. Jon Chaisson – Writer, obsessed music listener and collector, okay bassist and guitarist, hoopy frood. Questionable logical circuits, but he gets by.
    Jon Chaisson

    Welcome to the city! Sorry about the morning fog. Karl was quite voracious.

  2. I have to admit (since I work near a bunch of the hotels where workers are striking, 1) which hotel you were booked into, and 2) where you moved to.

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