View From a Hotel Window, 10/21/18: Fort Collins

Parking lot? Check. Rocky Mountain foothills? Check. Football stadium? Apparently! Fort Collins it is.

Tonight: The event is at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church at 7pm, and hosted by Old Firehouse Books.We’re going to have a grand time, so please, come on by and bring everyone you know!

Tomorrow: Chicago! And I will be at the American Writers Museum. That will be at 6:30pm (i.e., slightly earlier than most evening events), so please plan accordingly. I’m very much looking forward to being in Chicago again.

11 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 10/21/18: Fort Collins”

  1. Crikey, just reading about 4 days of your tour schedule has me exhausted.

    If I ever become a bestselling author, I hope I get to be one of those weird recluses who rarely makes public appearances.

  2. I recognize that view (but won’t post hotel details here)! I wish I was free tonight to come, but glad you’ve stopped by and are enjoying yourself here in Northern Colorado. Fort Collins is a great town.

  3. Looking forward to your talk tonight in Chicago, though a bit disappointed not to see the view from your window. I missed your visit here for the Collapsing Empire because my daughter got sick, but things look good for tonight.

  4. I really enjoyed the event last night! Brother John gave a very thoughtful homily on Matthew 6, followed by readings, Q & A, and book signings!

  5. The thought of Scalzi reading from his material in a church makes me giggle with impudent delight.

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