View From a Hotel Window, 10/24/18: Raleigh

Ahhhh, a parking structure. Perfect.

Tonight: Quail Ridge books in Raleigh! 7pm! Be there or live forever in regret! Well, probably not forever. I’ll probably be back, eventually. But for a good three or four hours for sure!

Tomorrow: I’ll be in Athens, Georgia, at the Cine Room at 6pm, hosted by Avid Books. Please come, and, per my usual request, bring along everyone you’ve ever met!

2 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 10/24/18: Raleigh”

  1. Hope you’re enjoying the book tour as much as we are enjoying the wide variety of parking options across the country.

    I just finished listening to The Consuming Fire. By way of a review, I will simply quote Kiva Lagos: “Best fucking party EVER!”

    Is it too soon to start asking about the third book?

  2. Also finished Consuming Fire. Reading equivalent of eating an entire chocolate pecan pie*. Given a certain overlapping readership probably cannot mention ice cream as well. Season 2 of Babylon 5 has just started on Comet which greatly improved the last 100 or so pages.

    *I bought this book with 10 minutes to spare at the Barnes & Noble because I knew I would enjoy it. Unfortunately coming right after Jose Antonio Vargas’s book did not do it any favors at all. What Vargas does very successfully is try to debunk through one story of one person some of the stereotypes about illegal immigration that people may have heard or read. For anything else you have to go to his website. There are at least 3 hard open questions that he poses and doesn’t answer.

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