View From a Hotel Window 10/25/18: Athens

Finally! A proper parking lot! They’ve been hard to come by this tour.

Tonight: Cine Athens at 6pm, sponsored by Avid Bookstore, which is awesome. Come by and say hello, and maybe stay for the event, and maybe buy a book! Or two! Or six!

Tomorrow: Travel day! I got nothin’. But Saturday I’m in Charleston, West Virginia, where my event will be at the Civic Center at 11am, with signing to follow. Come see me!


10 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 10/25/18: Athens”

  1. Rich, Mr. Scalzi takes photos out each of his hotel windows for us when he is on tour. So many of them show parking lots that it’s become something of a running joke.

  2. So which of those cars is your rental car? Is it the red one? I think it is the red one….

  3. So, do you request a parking lot view, or do you just have extremely bad luck? I personally prefer a nice brick wall…parks and city views are over-rated.

  4. Thanks Core; that’s sort of what I picked up; just wasn’t sure if there was some deeper meaning that I missed from before i used to visit this site.

  5. Ah, a true classic parking lot photo.As you note, they haven’t been thick on the ground lately.

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