View From a Hotel Window, 10/27/18: Austin, TX

It’s late because I got in late. In fact, it’s registering as going up on the 28th, but I’m in Central time and have 20 minutes left on the clock, so there.

Tomorrow: Texas Book Festival, 11am — me and Victoria Schwab! Talking about stuff! Come see us!

And that’s it for the tour (in the US at least)!

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  1. @John
    You may have to take the long way to work tomorrow to get your walking in, since you’re (no doubt intentionally) just a block from the book festival. The Capitol opens at 9 if you need a place to wander around.
    I posted some tips for visitors to the Texas Book Festival in a prior entry, here:
    That post has too many details and too many typos, but there might be some useful info there.

  2. And so… for those who would like to see you overseas… Can you share the schedule? (Or point us to where it is available)

    In any case – Bon voyage et bienvenue!

  3. @madeleinerobins I don’t believe that’s construction. It more resembles the Centre Pompidou in Paris, where the building skeleton is on the outside as a design statement. Nonetheless, yes, festive.

  4. Looks like the Omni hotel to me. Worked there for several years in the office complex the photo shows. It has two towers, one for guest suites, one for businesses. Had a great restaurant on the main floor as well. Miss their lunch specials to this day.

  5. I’d also be interested in your plans in Europe. You wrote above it’s the end of the tour in the US (!), that kinda sounds like it continues elsewhere…
    Far be it from me to pry into a personal and possibly romantic get-away to Paris, but it is considerably closer to where I live than Ohoi, about 5000 miles closer!

    Anyways: Save travels and enjoy Europe

  6. Wow! At first glance, I thought that those were bookshelves at a HUGE library or bookstore. Only at second glance did I identify them as buildings.

    Oh well. There’s always headcanon.

  7. Had a great time at the Texas Book Festival yesterday. Got my books signed by you and Victoria Schwab towards the end of the line (just). Enjoyed your your talk at the Kirkus Review tent.

  8. Hey, I used to go to a barbershop at the bottom of that picture. Thanks for bringing us good weather and clean water. Hope you enjoyed your stay!

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