My French Events!

Tomorrow I get on a plane to go to France, where I am both appearing at a festival in Nantes and doing a signing in Paris. Why not come to see me at either or both? Here’s where I will be:

October 31 – November 5: I will be at the Utopiales Festival in Nantes, where I will be on panels and signing books. Here’s the website for the festival, which includes a program grid. I’m doing events every day except Halloween. I am obviously only one of the very many attractions, so even if you want nothing to do with me, there will be lots of people to see and things to do. Enjoy!

November 6: I and Robert Jackson Bennett will be doing a signing at Librairie La dimension fantastique, 106 rue La Fayette, 75010 Paris, France. Here’s the Facebook event page with all the information. Come see us and get books signed!

And that’s where I’ll be in the wonderful land of France.

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  1. I think you mean NOVEMBER 6th, unless you’ve been hiding a time machine in your luggage…

  2. I haven’t been to France in many years, but last time I was in Germany and the Netherlands, they didn’t have Coke Zero. They had Diet Coke or Coke Lite. The formula for Diet Coke was different from the US mix. Coke Lite was my preference and I think it’s pretty close to the current Coke Zero.

  3. Is Krissy going with you? And if not, what are you going to get her to make up for it?

  4. I second the vote for Les Machines de l’Ile – they have some wonderful stuff there. Human sized insects, the giant elephant, a four storey merrygoround full of exotic sea creatures – give yourself a treat

  5. Enjoy France! Nantes is a very nice city, and as Maryn says above, the Machines de l’Île are _absolutely_ worth a visit.

  6. Robin:

    She is not going with me this time. However, next year she is going with me to the Caribbean, London, Budapest, Spain and Dublin, so she’ll be fine.

  7. Don’t know about France, but Coke Zero has definitely come to Germany and the Netherlands. Diet Coke is sometimes hard to find.

  8. Some fancy subjects there to which you are participating…

    Thursday Nov 1
    11:00 : Obsolescence des corps
    16:00 : Le monde avec « Sécurité Enfant »

    Friday Nov 2
    11.30 : Convention, festival, congrès : organiser la diversité ?
    15.00 : Rencontre avec John Scalzi

    Saturday Nov 3
    9.30 : Le corps et l’esprit
    16.30 : Prêter son corps

    Sunday Nov 4
    15:00 : Du pain et des jeux

    … “Meeting with John Scalzi” seems rather straightforward, but… How do you contribute eg to a panel on “lending your body” in a language that is not your mother-tongue… o_0

    & La Cité des Congrès de Nantes is some 30′ on foot from les Machines de l’île… Agree with others above, definitely worth a visit, for the machines and the underlying project. The elephant, the merry-go-round, the spider, the heron, the caterpillar, the dragon… An amazing world being created.

  9. Dear John,

    I do not recall if you’ve ever been to Paris before. If not, you must allow yourself a day off to simply enjoy the city. I fell in love with it within a day, so did Paula.

    You would be a free man in Paris, you would feel unfettered and alive…

    pax / Ctein

  10. What the hell is that thing? A kandy kolored rocket powered robot torso wearing a mushroom hat?

    I’m thinking I can guess what kind of shrooms.

  11. See you in Nantes, John !
    (although I don’t think that we’ll share any panel…)

  12. I don’t think you will be seeing any parking decks around your hotel, either. At least we didn’t see many the only time we spent time in France. A wonderful place to visit~!!~ enjoy every minute, especially the food!!

    Actually, since you’re flying in and out, you may see some parking decks around the airports… but probably not from the hotel..

  13. Wow! France! Looking forward to your posts about the place. I would love to go back; it’s been nearly 40 years.

  14. Each time you mention Nantes, I feel compelled to make a joke about you being “immer-Nantes”. The problem is that I don’t know what the joke really is. It’s just something a character in an old movie used to say. And the other characters would smile politely at his apparently bad pun.

  15. OMG there is so much to see in Nantes! Besides Les machines de l’ile, which should be your #1 stop, there is quirky public art everywhere. Along the Loire estuary is a trail of brilliant outdoor sculptures, every one worth a photo or six. A few of the installations are walking distance from l’Ile complex, which itself sits on the edge of the Loire, but more are sprinkled along a 60km trail to St. Nazare. At St. Nazare is the biggest of all — an incredibly massive WWII Nazi submarine base which is being converted into a park and an art object. Get yourself driven down there if you can; walking through it will give you all kinds of thoughts about the futility of fortresses and the ironies of war.

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