Tor Announces New Paperback Editions + News re: My 2019 Publishing Schedule

First, next May Tor will release new versions of Agent to the Stars, The Android’s Dream and Fuzzy Nation, with new cover art and new introductions (by me, yours truly). This refresh will, among other things, bring them more visually in line with each other and the other standalone novels, and also make my name really big, so you will have no doubt who wrote the book. Here are all the details at, including larger images of the covers. I’m pretty happy about this — I very much like the older covers, but these are pretty nifty, too, and I think more contemporary and will look great on bookshelves, both the ones in bookstores and the ones in people’s homes.

Second, this is as good a time as any to note that I have no new novels currently scheduled for 2019. Why? Well, basically, because my 2019 novel was The Consuming Fire, and it was moved up to this month (and nicely done by Tor for doing so, since a) it’s doing gangbusters, saleswise, and b) it now gets the benefit of being around for holiday sales to boot). So at the moment, 2019 is open, new novel-wise, and publishing schedules — both mine and Tor’s — are such that it will be difficult to put another one in the 2019 calendar year.

This does not mean there will not be new work from me in 2019. The sequel to The Dispatcher is currently slated for arrival in 2019, as an audio-first production (with a print version to follow a few months later), and I think people are going to love that. No hard arrival date for that one yet — I have to finish writing it and then we have to schedule the narrator — but it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll get it next year.

Also, Subterranean Press and I have something else up our sleeves for you in the second half the year. No big details on it yet, except to say that if you liked Miniatures you’ll probably love this, too. Plus, of course, these new editions of Agent, Android and Fuzzy, and the paperback versions of Head On and The Consuming Fire are likely to hit in 2019 as well.

(I should note that none of this includes at least a couple of secret projects which may or may not pan out, and if they do pan out, may show up in 2019. You never know! You may find out!)

Basically, you will not be lacking in Scalzi material in 2019, trust me.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Somewhat unrelated to the publishing schedule- I have now read the Consuming Fire twice, and I enjoyed the Hell out of it both times. Well done, sir. I’m looking forward to the eventual resolution.

will there be a way to get one of the new cover versions signed? My Hubbies favorite book is Androids Dream, we’re in Canada so not likely going to get to one of your signings/book releases.

As a frequent lurker and occasional poster, I want to thank you profusely for the first two books in the Collapsing Empire series. I just finished Consuming Fire and , having read the rest of your works( OK, not the accounting stuff) I wish you a successful book tour, a well deserved respite with your family, and then -Please- get on the next chapter of Collapsing Empire.. It’s like an itch in the middle of my back that I -just- can’t reach… Just sayin….

Finished “The Consuming Fire” yesterday evening and liked it much better than “The Collapsing Empire,” which felt to me like the middle book of a trilogy when I didn’t know that there was a first book!

I really like Agent and Android’ss Dream both. I’m not sure how you’d do it with Agent, but Android’s Dream looks like something where a good author might find a sequel.

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