On My Way to France

Where I will be busy with French things! So don’t expect too much here between now and when I get back, which will be, uhhhh, the 7th or 8th or something like that.

In the meantime, and if in fact I don’t post again before I get (which seems mildly unlikely, but even so) — VOTE. If you’re a US citizen. Vote early, vote absentee, vote on the day, but VOTE. It matters, folks.

Okay, later!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Much as I’ll miss your posts here, I sincerely hope that you won’t be around much while you’re in France! Enjoy being somewhere new and beautiful, and if you do have time may I suggest a visit to Cluny? The unicorn tapestries are awe-inspiring, of course, but the whole museum is just treasure after treasure.

But there will be so much to see! Forget about us for a few days and enjoy the world around you.

You’re going to be … Frenching, with the baguettes, the berets, the cigarettes, and the miming, non? And don’t forget the wine. Maybe hook up with some sweet socialized healthcare while you’re there. When in France, do as the French do, right?

Have a nice trip!

If you have time, I have a question regarding your comments on voting via twitter and your neighbors.

After the election in 2016 you talked a bit about your county and your neighbors, and wrote, if I remember correctly, that many of them (probably) voted for Trump. I think you also said, that this did not bring conflict in your relationships with them. I would be interested to hear how the situation / relationships with your neighbors changed over the last two years and also regarding the upcoming vote.

You tweeted recently “Folks, at this point you can’t vote for racists and bigots and encroaching fascism and not expect to be called into account for your racism, bigotry or comfort level with fascism. You can’t say you don’t know. Not in 2018. There’s no wiggle room this time.”

Did you discuss the upcoming election with your neighbors? How do you handle their possible vote for Republicans now?


Safe travels to you, and have fun!

As to your final invocation, we voted a couple of weeks ago, as soon as early voting started in our area. My sibling voted last week because they and their offspring are working as volunteer poll-watchers on November 6. Our own offspring have voted in every election since they were old enough to register and plan to do so again next week.

This past weekend, we went by our favorite spice shop and found a sign on the door that read “______’s Spices will be closed on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 in observance of Election Day.” Then when we unpacked our purchases, we found that they had tucked stickers in the bag that read “I WILL vote on 11/6/2018.” The superb spice assortment is only one of the many, many reasons why that particular business is among our favorites..

Another instance where I’m glad to be on the right side of the bell curve….voted the first day I got my ballot (I had been reading up on the candidates and issues) and turned it into the local government. I’ve checked and they’ve counted it by now.

I’ll add that if you can’t vote (too young, too immigrant, too whatever) you can still do something. Sign up to phone bank or canvas or give people rides to the polls or be a poll watcher. Do something.

Vote! No matter who you vote for, whether they’re a shoe-in or hopeless, it matters. Every vote is a ‘fuck you!’ to apathy and to the people like Putin who mock our democracy.

I’m independent but I’ll cast at least one vote for a Democrat just to say ‘fuck you!’ to Richard Spencer and his neo-Nazi scum pals.

(climbs down from soapbox)

I went to the top of the Eiffel tower with my daughter, my nephew, and a friend of his. I bought us a hugely expensive glass of champagne… my nephew’s friend had never had champagne before. What a wonderful story she’ll have – “The first time I had champagne it was at the top of the Eiffel Tower.”
I voted. Got a sticker too.

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