View From a Hotel Window, 10/31/18: Nantes, France

My view is of the front of the convention center where the Utopiales festival is happening. It’s like a ten-second commute from my hotel to the event space, which I appreciate.

I am currently on about one hour of sleep for the last 30. I’m a little loopy.

Also, my AC adapter here turns out to be completely useless, so I borrowed an AC adapter from the hotel, which only has USB connectors, not great for my laptop. Remember how I said not to expect too many updates here while I was in France? Yeah, that.

Aside from being tired and AC-challenged, I’m having a lovely time in France so far. People are lovely, which is not a surprise. They’re all apologizing for having poor English skills. I remind them that their English is far and away better than my French.

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