What a Difference a Week Makes

Same tree, a week’s difference in weather.

Looks like it might be one of those winters. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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  1. rktrixy – Alameda, CA – Architect, Newly-wed, Middle-aged Crafty woman. Love Science Fiction, Love quilting, Love fabric, love love love surface pattern. Very very fond of food.

    A lovely tree, no matter the season. Did you plant it around the time you moved to your house?

  2. Its definitely winding up to be quite the winter.lots of northerly places have already gotten snow. A week or two ago.

    I have some hatches I need to batten down.

  3. Kate George – Vermont – Award winning author, Kate George is the creator of the popular Bree MacGowan mystery series, which started when she took up a dare to write a book; the result was Moonlighting in Vermont. She was born in Sacramento, California, was raised on a ranch until the age of eight, and graduated from UC Davis with a degree in anthropology. She is currently working on her MFA. She has been, in no particular order, a paste-up tech, a motorcycle safety instructor, an actor, and the assistant to the dean of a medical school, all of which provide plenty of fodder for her novels. Currently, she lives in an old farmhouse in the backwoods of Vermont with her husband, four kids, and two rescue dogs, where by day she teaches and by night, she dreams up wild adventures for her characters. Visit her at kategeorge.com, or contact her at kate@kategeorge.com. She always loves to hear from readers!
    Kate George

    Yep. My tree pictures are one similar to your first and the second is covered in a layer of snow. We are experiencing winter now, I don’t care what the calendar says. Snow and cold temps equal winter.

  4. Yeah, we went straight from summer into early winter here in the DC area. Green, then brown, then SNOW today.

  5. I’m afraid you’re right. I just saw a forecast predicting the entire eastern half of the country will be colder than normal this winter, with the northern half “well below average.”

    Glad we will be in Florida for much of it, because winter sucks.

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