Krissy, 11/17/18

She’s pretty great. And she photographs well, as a bonus.

18 Comments on “Krissy, 11/17/18”

  1. I keep begging my wife to let her gray hair come in naturally; I think gray hair looks great, and looks especially terrific when it is transitioning in like that. But she sees one gray hair in the mirror and it’s off to the hairdresser for another cut-and-coloring job. (Of course, I could be off-base and not realizing that Mrs. Scalzi’s hair is actually one of those precisely-colored highlighting jobs. As the ad-slogan goes, “only her hairdresser knows for sure”…)

  2. Pianoman:

    Krissy is not having her gray fiddled with; it’s coming in that way.

    Also, Krissy is the one who decided to go gray; I didn’t get a vote on it. I’m happy with whatever she does with her hair.

  3. All of your pictures of Krissy show the love you have for each other. And like Pianoman, I really like the way she is letting her hair go gray naturally.

  4. Nice! Has anyone accused her of having a picture hidden in the attic? She ages very well and gracefully.

  5. Have you ever considered dressing up for a con as Jessica and Roger Rabbit? I mean, she’s already there, and all you’d need are long ears.

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