New Books and ARCs, 11/23/18

Just in time for Black Friday, here’s this brand spankin’ new stack of new books and ARCs for your potential reading consideration. Anything here you’d brave the crowds for? Tell us all in the comments.

15 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 11/23/18”

  1. ‘The Dinosaur Tourist’ sounds like a great high-concept title, even if it is hard to read on that rather busily-illustrated spine. Even more interesting if the tourist IS a dinosaur!

  2. I am curious to know whether Jemisin’s short work is as good as her novels. If it is then that book would be amazing.

  3. rktrixy – Alameda, CA – Architect, Newly-wed, Middle-aged Crafty woman. Love Science Fiction, Love quilting, Love fabric, love love love surface pattern. Very very fond of food.

    Ooh. Some intriguing titles. “How long til Black Futures Month” looks really good… Dragons? In NOLA? Sign me up!

  4. Tales From Plexis!!! It’s like an insider’s look into one of Julie Czerneda’s most fun settings. A collection of stories going on behind the story!

  5. The Anderson/Dickson book surprised me as they have both been dead for years. Google tells me Hokas Pokas was first published in 2000 but I don’t have it yet and it’s now definitely on my wish-list as I enjoyed Poul Anderson’s other works so much in the past.

  6. Philip Green, the Hokas stories probably date from the 50’s. Anderson and Dickson roomed together in college. This is likely a reprint of a reprint of…

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