Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2018, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More

The Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2018 continues, and today we move away from books and focus on other gifts and crafts — which you can take to mean just about any other sort of thing a creative person might make: Music, art, knitting, jewelry, artisan foodstuffs and so on. These can be great, unique gifts for special folks in your life, and things you can’t just get down at the mall. I hope you see some cool stuff here.

Please note that the comment thread today is only for creators to post about their gifts for sale; please do not leave other comments, as they will be snipped out to keep the thread from getting cluttered. Thanks!

Creators: Here’s how to post in this thread. Please follow these directions!

1. Creators (of things other than books) only. This is an intentionally expansive category, so if you’ve made something and have it available for the public to try or buy, you can probably post about in this thread. The exception to this is books (including comics and graphic novels), which have two previously existing threads, one for traditionally-published works and one for non-traditionally published works (Note: if you are an author and also create other stuff, you may promote that other stuff today). Don’t post if you are not the creator of the thing you want to promote, please.

2. Personally-created and completed works only. This thread is specifically for artists and creators who are making their own unique works. Mass-producible things like CDs, buttons or T-shirts are acceptable if you’ve personally created what’s on it. But please don’t use this thread for things that were created by others, which you happen to sell. Likewise, do not post about works in progress, even if you’re posting them publicly elsewhere. Remember that this is supposed to be a gift guide, and that these are things meant to be given to other people. Also, don’t just promote yourself unless you have something to sell or provide, that others may give as a gift.

3. One post per creator. In that post, you can list whatever creations of yours you like, but allow me to suggest you focus on your most recent creation. Note also that the majority of Whatever’s readership is in the US/Canada, so I suggest focusing on things available in North America.

4. Keep your description of your work brief (there will be a lot of posts, I’m guessing) and entertaining. Imagine the person is in front of you as you tell them about your work and is interested but easily distracted.

5. You may include a link to a sales site if you like by using standard HTML link scripting. Be warned that if you include too many links (typically three or more) your post may get sent to the moderating queue. If this happens, don’t panic: I’ll be going in through the day to release moderated posts. Note that posts will occasionally go into the moderation queue semi-randomly; Don’t panic about that either.

6. As noted above, comment posts that are not from creators promoting their work as specified above will be deleted, in order to keep the comment thread useful for people looking to find interesting work.

Now: Tell us about your stuff!

77 Comments on “Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2018, Day Three: Arts, Crafts, Music and More”

  1. I design knitting and crochet patterns, which are for sale on Ravelry – and which can be gifted easily to the crafters in your life if you know their email address. So, if you know someone who loves to knit or crochet, have a look at my store and maybe you find something they might like to make and/or wear.

  2. We have been crafting handmade jewelry for over 25 years. Every pendant, earring, and ring is a unique piece of wearable art, made right here in our workshop populated by cats, dogs, and genuine shop dragons. And yes, there really is a town in California named Cool.

    We make our own Mokume Gane and carve all of our wood pieces by hand. We even cut some of our own stones.

    Everything you see on our Etsy page this week can ship for Christmas.



  3. Hello, all! I’m Alisa, and I make stitch markers and project bags and knitting/crocheting notions.

    My shop is KnitSpinQuilt (on Etsy)

    My deal is that I donate 30% of shop sales to the Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico ongoing disaster relief and family reunification work at the border.

    My twitter and instagram are “knitspinquilt” if you want to see photographs of what I make — and I’m offering free shipping until the end of December, so that’s handy if you like saving on shipping.

    I’ve got some project bags inspired by Mary Robinette Kowal’s Lady Astronaut series (with her blessing) but the fabric was limited, so when they’re gone, they’re GONE. I’ve also got some Doctor Who-inspired bags and stitch markers, and a lot of manatees, hedgehogs, owls, sheep, and rainbows.

    Message me on Etsy if you want a custom order!

  4. Hi there.

    I’m Paul Weimer. I’m probably best known in genre circles as being on a couple of podcasts, writing reviews, talking about genre at cons, on twitter and everywhere else. I was the DUFF winner in 2017 and so went to the NZ and Australian National Conventions, and wrote a PDF report of that
    (you can still donate to DUFF to get that here:
    https://www.princejvstin.com/buy-a-print-or-image/the-2017-down-under-fan-fund-report )

    I also do photography. I have a 2019 calendar of waterfall photography available for sale this season. You can get it here:


  5. Hello, all! I’m Alisa, and I make stitch markers and project bags and knitting/crocheting notions.

    My shop is KnitSpinQuilt (on Etsy)

    My deal is that I donate 30% of shop sales to the Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico ongoing disaster relief and family reunification work at the border.

    My twitter and instagram are “knitspinquilt” if you want to see photographs of what I make — and I’m offering free shipping until the end of December, so that’s handy if you like saving on shipping.

    I’ve got some project bags inspired by Mary Robinette Kowal’s Lady Astronaut series featuring famous women of computer science (with her blessing) but the fabric was limited, so when they’re gone, they’re GONE. (I think there are two or three left in the shop right now.)

    I’ve also got some Doctor Who-inspired bags and stitch markers, and a lot of manatees, hedgehogs, owls, sheep, and rainbows.

    Message me on Etsy if you want a custom order!

  6. Hi Everyone,

    I’m Frank, and I have hobby of making maps that I’ve recently transitioned into a side business. My maps are Laser Cut 3-D maps of cities and other locations. I think they’re very interesting pieces of art to have hanging in your home. And who doesn’t like a good map?

    If that sounds interesting to you, please check out my Etsy shop at:


    I’m especially proud of the Mars map I’ve made recently. You can see it here:


    Thanks, and happy holidays.

  7. In my text-based computer game “Cannonfire Concerto” you play a musical virtuoso on a Grand Tour around a continent much like 18th-century Europe. You’ll have to deal with the rigors of performing, rivals, intrigues, the threat of war, and the strange Genius from which your skill is born. Each play-through contains about 40,000 words of text, with tons of choices to make differently if you want to try it again.

    You can buy it for Steam, Apple App Store, Google Play, or Amazon (or check out the beginning for free) here: https://www.choiceofgames.com/cannonfire-concerto/

  8. Hi y’all! I make lots of different things but mostly stickers — I am sticker-obsessed!! My stickers are mostly text-heavy (because I am also language-obsessed) and B/W or B/W/red because it’s cheaper and I’ve always gravitated towards a high-contrast graphic style, but sometimes I like a challenge and mix it up. I mostly do punky, nerdy, pagany, gothy, queery, and crafty themes. I find my work is very popular with Knitters and Roller Derby folks.

    All my stickers are printed in the USA, the full-color ones by StickerMule and all the rest by Sticker Guy, a small shop in Reno. Let me tell you, I’ve been using Sticker Guy for more than a decade, and I’ve got stickers on my car that STILL HAVE NOT FADED!

    My online shop: http://mkt.com/madamezabet
    Use code GIVEITGOOD for 10% off through December 15th!
    (FYI I close the shop from Dec 16 – Jan 15 every year for the holidays.)

    Thanks for reading, and thanks, Scalzi, for the space to do this!

  9. I have been doing woodturning for over a decade now, and have curated an oft-neglected Etsy shop for the past four years. This is the fall between my master’s degree and doctoral studies, and I have a wide range of items available:


    Expect pens, mechanical pencils, letter openers, screwdrivers, seam rippers, salad tongs, coffee scoops, bottle openers, ice cream scoops, bowls, plates, and nativity sets. Everything was turned on my lathe by me in the past few years, the majority in the last six months.

    Of special interest to Scalzi’s readers might be the dragon-detailed pens:


    Use the code WHATEVER18 at checkout for 10% off from today through next Wednesday the 12th.


  10. My business is labyrinthine designs and I make handpainted wood signs and burlap gift bags. I have a bunch of holiday bags to choose from, all of which are an adorable alternative to traditional gift wrapping AND reusable! Take 20% off your entire order between now and December 15th and get your order in time for Christmas by using coupon code WHATEVER18 at https://www.etsy.com/shop/labyrinthinedesign !

  11. I just released “Making Up For Lost Time”, a collection of 11 original jazz tunes, recorded by me at the piano along with my favorite jazz artists from the Washington, DC area. You can buy the CD on CD Baby (https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/orenlevine) and find the album on all of your favorite streaming services.
    If you like those tunes, you may also like the holiday album I released with DC vocalist Aaron Myers, featuring more original jazz songs for the season, plus “Stand Right”, an ode to escalator etiquette on the DC subway (really!). Find “Snowing In Vegas” at http://www.snowinginvegas.com/

  12. We burn Lichtenberg figures on wooden items that we make by hand. Lichtenberg Figures are branching fractal patterns made with high voltage electricity and very reminiscent of lightening. We have very little control over where they go and how they form making them one-of-a-kind patterns. You can see our stuff at:


    Thanks to John Scalzi for again letting makers and artists show their stuff to a wider audience!

  13. I make all kinds of art, but many people like my pottery. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook as The Cogitation Zone, or visit my website, http://www.cogitation.org/ to see mugs, bowls, yarn bowls, and all sorts of cute things. I also give lessons (all ages) if you’re in the Boston area, and exhibit my work at various conventions. You can see my studio at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA on the first Saturday of any month, along with those of about 100 other artists. Go to http://westernavenuestudios.com/ for directions.

  14. I have a long history as a prop maker and stained glass artist, and my wife works in fabric & leather. As Dark Rain Design, we make Clockwork Critters, which are old kid’s toys repurposed into interactive Steampunk art.

    After (finally) figuring out how to deal with the shipping logistics, we’ve also added stained glass panels and flags to the shop. The panels incorporate vintage depression glass plates, and we do a variety of pride flags to support our friends – a portion of the flag sales is donated to local (Philadelphia) LGBTQ organizations.

    Since we’re finishing up our show season, our Etsy shop isn’t as full as we’d like, but there’s still some nifty items ready to to ship.


  15. I make poetry art cards. They contain fragments of my own poetry and my unique paper art/collage designs on the front. They’re blank on the inside and come with an envelope. All are handmade by me. There are 13 designs in all; cards may be bought separately or as a set (in a lovely decorative box). Rather than post all 13 pictures here, please click on this link (https://sapphostorque.com/2016/08/13/rainy-day-sale/) to see all the designs in a post on my own blog. :)

    Thanks again, John, for the opportunity to post our work here!

  16. Hi folks :-)

    If you might ever need a tiny present for a friend who’s queer, bi, trans, kinky, polyam, fat, a non-schooler, young or old… please bookmark my “identity badges” catalogue!

    They’re one-inch button pin badges, black with bright or subtle lettering colours to choose from, handmade by me with pernickety care.

    50+ original designs. Some have just a word or two, e.g. “bi”, “queer boy”, “she”, “they”, “fat & gorgeous”, “bi feminist”, “gender, schmender”. Some have little phrases, e.g.
    “No, I’m bisexual, _you’re_ confused”
    “yes, my partners do know about each other”
    “Old enough to know my own mind”
    “Normal rules do not apply”
    “… and the princess fell in love with the other two princesses, and they all lived happily ever after”.

    Price in the region of £1/ $1.30/ €1.25 inc postage, decreasing per badge as you order more of them.

    I designed the first of this series in 1998, having noticed the lack of bi-affirmative merch at Pride in those days, and gradually expanded the range to include more topics.

    Will consider suggestions for designs I don’t yet have :-)

  17. Hello Whatever community!
    My best friend and I make geeky art, specializing in calligraphy. We have a range of products, from stickers and coloring sheets, to greeting cards, to archival-quality matted art prints.
    Our website is GeekCalligraphy.com.
    We have a series of art prints dedicated to various geeky vocations and avocations, including a Coder’s Oath, a SysAdmin’s Oath, a Tech Serenity Prayer, In God We Trust All Others Must Bring Data, and a Fiber Artist’s Oath.
    We also have a series of art prints based on the work of authors who have licensed us to use their IP: Lois McMaster Bujold, Neal Stephenson, and most recently, Mary Robinette Kowal.

  18. Hi everyone, my name is Beth and I’m an artist and illustrator. I sell fantasy prints, paintings, and magnets at my etsy store, Space Turtle Studios

    My work is very bright, colorful, and cartoony, and appropriate for all ages. If you’re looking for children’s book style art or something for a kid’s room, check it out, you may find something you like. The magnets especially make good stocking stuffers.

  19. Hey there! I’m Elise Matthesen, often called Lioness Elise, and I make art jewelry, usually one-of -a-kind pieces with names. If you’ve seen the necklace-crowns on Michi Trota and Lynne Thomas and Mikki Kendall, or the big sculptural necklace that holds all of Lois McMaster Bujold’s award pins, those are my shinies. Here’s the shop link:


    Prices range from twelve dollars to A Whole Bunch. There’s a lot of labradorite in the Etsy shop right now, with some tektites wrapped in sterling silver and dinosaur bone pendants coming soon. And hey, speaking of Bujold, if you are a Vorkosigan fan, put “Happy Winterfair!” in the notes field of your Etsy order and I will send you a free trio of sterling silver and stone planet pendants.

  20. Hi, I’m Dave, and I’m the designer of Witness to the Execution, a storygame that explores the death penalty.

    What it is: A collaborative game in which the players collectively create a set of characters and explore the events that led to a scheduled execution. The characters are shared (so you will be playing different characters in different scenes), and the players take turns setting each scene. At the end of the game, the players will decide if, given these events, and given the Governor they have jointly created, this Governor would grant clemency or allow the execution to continue. Storygames can be thought of as a blend of traditional role-playing games and improv or theater sports.

    Players: 3-5
    Play time: 1.5 – 2.5 hours depending on the number of players

    Witness to the Execution is sold at Drive-Thru RPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/239318/Witness-to-the-Execution

  21. Hi ya’ll. I create art and Illustration of whimsical animals usually with desserts or drinks. Great for kids, kitchens, bars, and more..

    I take commissions but am almost out of time to get art done and delivered by 12-25 so don’t wait.

    Visit my website at http://www.quackquackhonk.com to see more.

  22. Hi! I’m Crickett, and I have a house. So on Etsy, I have CrickettsHouse. I make cross stitch patterns for the geeky among us. My best selling pattern is Barren Fields, but other memes and fandoms are represented too. I also have kits made up for my most popular patterns. If you see a pattern you’d like a kit for, or if you have an idea you’d like to have a pattern for, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!


  23. Hi! I’m Erin and I run Wordnik.com, the world’s biggest English dictionary (and which also happens to be a 501(c)3 nonprofit).

    You can support our mission to find all the words of English (including the 52% of unique English words not included in other dictionaries, as reported in Science) AND clear out your Christmas list by adopting words in people’s honor! For US$25, your honoree gets a set of Wordnik stickers and a certificate commemorating the adoption, and bragging rights (and a link to their site or Twitter) for an entire year! With more than eight million words to choose from, you can be sure to find exactly the right one (although some very popular words are already taken — e.g. ‘nerd’, ‘serendipity’, and ‘doppelganger’). To adopt, visit https://www.wordnik.com/adoptaword. (Want to give a gift certificate so your recipient can pick the word of their choice? Just enter “GIFT CERTIFICATE” as your selected word.)

    You might also enjoy Semicolon Appreciation Society t-shirts, which are available at https://semicolon.threadless.com.

  24. I make handmade natural dollhouse miniatures that you won’t find elsewhere. Great gifts for collectors or to cheer up an office desk.

    I specialize in English and Japanese floral designs. And I thread crochet intricate, wee bedspreads. I live for custom orders.

    Find me on Etsy at Moonflower Minis.

    Sale running through December 15!

    Woman-owned business. Thank you!

  25. Hello! I’m a writer and a knitwear designer! My downloadable patterns are mostly geared towards beginning to intermediate knitters and you can check them out here via Ravelry.
    And if you want to buy yarn along with my patterns, here’s a way to do that as well on Loveknitting.com:

    If you’d like to know more about my knitting books, please check out my website!
    All the best, Joanne Seiff

  26. Hi all, former frequent commentor and all around workaholic here. In my spare time I design t-shirts (and other types of objects) and sell through print-on-demand services like Spreadhirt and Amazon. My shirts mostly pertain to my second jobs; radiology (both practitioners and patients) and writing. Although I do have some political, medical (cancer patients), regional (NE Ohio) and just funny or wacky sayings.

    You can find the majority of my designs on Spreadshirt:

    Some are available on Amazon:

    I’m slowly adding them to Zazzle and Red Bubble, but have only started on those sites.

  27. I make machine embroidered project bags for knitters and crocheters. Right now I’ve got llamas with glasses and scarfs, hedgehogs masquerading as cacti, and bags that say “I like to party, and by party I mean sit at home in my pjs and knit”.

    You can find them all at http://www.woodberrystitches.etsy.com and I’ve got free domestic (US) shipping through December 10.

  28. Hi, I’m Jay and an artist. I mostly paint dancers as I love the connection between partners, but I’ve also painted motorcycles and their riders, and on the fun side of things, mechanical bugs. If your child is working on getting their pointe shoes in ballet, I’ve got a few drawings to inspire them on!
    All of the originals are for sale, but my Etsy shop has prints made on archival art paper for sale.

    Use the code, WELLOKAY for 10% off!



  29. I hand-bind blank books for use as notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, etc. “Hand-bind” means, I start by folding the paper and sewing the folded sheets together into a text block. :) Every step is done by hand, by me.

    Check it out at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ealasaidh

    Also: Any orders placed before end of day Saturday will have 15% of the cost donated to UNAIDS, as part of the Murderino Makers charity project.

  30. Hi! I’m Elizabeth Adams of NightshadeRose Studio. I’m a jeweler and enamelist (among a few other things) and the most popular and giftable thing I make right now is hammered hair pins, available in bronze or sterling silver in my Etsy shop along with other jewelry and prints of some of my larger art pieces.
    For a wide range of clothing, housewares, and other merch featuring my art, links to my Zazzle, Society6, and Spoonflower shops are collected on my studio web site.

    Thank you for having a look, and thanks to John for the opportunity to show you!

  31. I make modern abstract watercolor/gouache paintings.

    A couple of years ago, I reconnected with a college friend who said he’d found a letter I’d written him years ago. He remarked that his kids who live in the world of texts are unlikely to have such an experience: having a message to them that is tangible, singular and unique.

    When I’m painting, I think about the fact that there is only one of this particular painting, and wonder about the one individual who will come to own it. There’s something really powerful in the idea that one pair of hands mixed the paint, dipped the brush, made each stroke as an act of love and devotion. And the most important part of this is the pair of hands that will receive it.


  32. Krampus. As a Lego minifigure. As a holiday card. Interested?

    I’ve been a photographer for most of my life but in the past few years I’ve dabbled with toy photography, specifically Lego, and last year I started making and selling greeting cards using the photos I take. I’ve done Dia de los Muertos and a run of Seattle themed postcards, but at the moment, Lego Krampus is really bloody popular. I have other designs if you want, but…

    C’mon. Lego Krampus!

    I’m on Etsy at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/brickbuiltgreetings

  33. Greetings, fellow Scalziphiles!

    I design and cut layered, paper maps of lakes, coastlines, islands, and topographies. These frame-friendly artworks are both accurate and abstract, with a minimalist aesthetic, and serve as the perfect, totally thoughtful gift for that hard-to-buy-for person. As a native Minnesotan, I’m fond of the phrase, “Everyone’s Got a Lake.” What’s your lake?

    Find me at http://www.crafterall.com and http://www.crafterall.etsy.com

    ** Shout out to Scalzi for this chance to plaster a post with shameless self-promotion! Thanks, Dude!

  34. I take realistic photos of toys placed in the real world. I sell prints of my work.

    Check out my work at studiodave.ca, and my store at shop.studiodave.ca

    If you happen to be in Western North Carolina you can check out my work in person this weekend (Dec 7-8) at the Caldwell Arts Council in Lenoir NC

  35. Hi. Outside of east coast fandom where I staff tech and sometimes run treasury for conventions, I’m better known as Keith DeCandido’s wife.

    I make geek stuffy toys, bears and cats in geek and geek related fabrics. I have some in brocades as well. I can be found through Keith’s webpage (I haven’t reupped my Etsy page at the moment). Or find me in Facebook.

  36. Hi! My name is Lana and my little business is called https://SavingThrowPillows.com – I make geeky pillows for you home / lair / dungeon / tower. You can follow me on Instgaram at SavingThrowPillows and purchase my randomly awesome pillows online. I am still open to custom work for the holidays and have all of the dice shape available (D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20)

  37. Dear Folks,

    Welp, my entirely-own photographs, made and printed by moi, are for sale on my website:


    Prices are here:


    And, yes, I do layaways… although that won’t get you your photograph in time for The Holidays. Well, not this year’s, anyway.

    Possibly stretching the category a bit I’m also selling artwork that I DID print, but they are Jim Marshall’s rock music photographs. This is from my personal collection, so supplies are strictly limited (as in one of each):


    – pax \ Ctein
    [ Please excuse any word-salad. Dragon Dictate in training! ]
    — Ctein’s Online Gallery. http://ctein.com 
    — Digital Restorations. http://photo-repair.com 

  38. Hello! What a lovely idea. I’m Liz Mattison and I’m an Ecologist turned Artist (I have a young family and can’t manage all the fieldwork trips I used to do).

    I paint wildlife, landscapes and portraits. I do book cover art. I do commissions for people all over the world :) I have a very new web shop that includes such things as pink kids t-shirts with creepy-crawlies on as well as conventional prints.


  39. Hello! I’m Jared and I’m an artist. You can check out my Society6 for prints, etc. of monsters, cryptids, astronauts, and a ridiculous Melville/Hawthorne print that started as a Twitter joke and got out of hand.

  40. I make nerdy and fandom-themed perfumes and colognes (and some candles!) — they’re especially great for cosplaying, to really get into the ~essence~ of the character you’re portraying, and they make amazing gifts for people with favorite superheroes, princesses, or Hogwarts houses. I’ve been perfuming as a hobby for years now, but just started my business last year, and have been loving it!


  41. I write a newsletter with advice for writers about the writing life called “Destroy Your Safe and Happy Lives” at Substack, which is basically a mailing list run on a Patreon-like model. Basic (free) subscribers get one letter at the end of each month, while paid subscribers get a letter roughly every ten days. It’s $5/month or $50/year.

    You can give a gift subscription, but I know most of you aren’t familiar with the list yet, so I’m offering a deal: Through 12/31, if you get someone a gift subscription, I’ll comp you a subscription at the same rate. If you get yourself a subscription, I’ll reach out to you about who to send a gift subscription.

  42. My name is Elizabeth Buckles and I have an Etsy shop called EruvandiCrafts where you can find handmade knits, crochet, and beaded jewelry. https://www.etsy.com/shop/EruvandiCrafts I have a wide variety of items available, including scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, blankets, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Everything you see is a finished item, ready to ship, and all are attractively packaged for easy gift giving. International shipping is available, shipping within the United States is free, and all new customers receive a 15% off thank you coupon after purchase. If you would like to follow me on social media, the links to my accounts can be found in my shop.

  43. Looking for T-shirts or tote bags for the discerning sorcerer on your holiday gift list? Go to THE CODEX ARCANUM to find shirts, bags and onesies in three designs. All items are inspired by the YA book SORCERY FOR BEGINNERS, currently in development for TV!


    Happy holidays to all, and thanks John for the opportunity!

  44. We are The Companions, a transatlantic Autistic musical duo (the first we know of!). Electric guitars, a droning organ (on the b-side), sci-fi themes and aesthetics. And our first single just landed on 30 November, so you’d be getting on the bandwagon (as it were) in early enough days to be snobby about it later. Heh!

    Have a listen, watch a video, choose from a few buying or streaming choices on our site.

    Or skip right to buying it!

  45. I’m Kelly, and I recently left my full time job as a web developer, and now I’m on a journey to become a full-time artist and Master Weaver. I make and sell handwoven accessories, like scarves, bags and purses. My favorite new thing this year is weaving “reflective” scarves! I incorporate strips of reflective material made of the same stuff they use in nighttime safety gear, or like the patches on tennis shoes. These strips seem to “light up” when they reflect direct light. Whether in the headlights of a car at night, or in the flash of a camera at a party – these scarves definitely make sure you’ll be seen.
    You can buy them through my etsy store: https://etsy.com/shop/kellywoveit

  46. Hi! I’m Mary and my family and I own and run https://thatfamilyshop.com/

    Together we make gifts, toys, wedding/anniversary gifts and household decor using natural materials mostly gleaned off our homestead. Check out my knit ponies, my brother’s wooden swords, chess sets or log jewelry boxes, or try some of my Mom’s handmade probiotic soap! Thanks and happy Christmas!! :D