The Color of the Sky On My Homeworld

As I am occasionally asked what it is. It’s this!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

7 Comments on “The Color of the Sky On My Homeworld”

  1. It’s clear, Scalzi, that you have become quite an accomplished photographer (so much so that I’m not even suggesting “amateur photographer”). But I believe you’re an even a better master of photo editing. Although I enjoy quality landscapes, I prefer portraits, and some of the ones you’ve produced of Chrissy, for example, are breathtaking (of course you’re starting out with decent stock to begin with, so there’s that). But all in all, good work, man! And btw, I envy you for your seemingly interminable view to the west (sans the neighbor’s antenna). I have a lovely southerly view from my home but I wish our view to the west was a bit broader. Cheers.

  2. The smoke has finally cleared enough so that we are getting some pretty sunsets ourselves. But gotta admit this pic is beautiful.
    December 7th a day….
    Your great uncle Roy was at Pearl when the place went up in smoke.

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