In Which This Cat is an Accurate Metaphor For My Brain at the Moment

Me: Hey, brain, I think I’d like to write a Whatever piece.

Brain: Eh… I’d rather not, thanks.

Me: But people are clamoring to know my opinion about many things!

Brain: Are they? Really?

Me: I assume so!

Brain: Then they’ll still be clamoring later, won’t they?

Me: But — my thoughts on politics!

Brain: “He’s guilty and a Russian stooge.” I mean, that’s hardly even a tweet.

Me: … okay, you got me there.

Brain: Thought so. Look, post a cat picture, it’ll be fine.

Me: But that’s lazy!

Brain: And?

Me: … I see your point.

Brain: I thought you might.

Me: Fine, but you’ll be back to work tomorrow, right?

Brain: We’ll see.