In Which This Cat is an Accurate Metaphor For My Brain at the Moment

Me: Hey, brain, I think I’d like to write a Whatever piece.

Brain: Eh… I’d rather not, thanks.

Me: But people are clamoring to know my opinion about many things!

Brain: Are they? Really?

Me: I assume so!

Brain: Then they’ll still be clamoring later, won’t they?

Me: But — my thoughts on politics!

Brain: “He’s guilty and a Russian stooge.” I mean, that’s hardly even a tweet.

Me: … okay, you got me there.

Brain: Thought so. Look, post a cat picture, it’ll be fine.

Me: But that’s lazy!

Brain: And?

Me: … I see your point.

Brain: I thought you might.

Me: Fine, but you’ll be back to work tomorrow, right?

Brain: We’ll see.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

13 replies on “In Which This Cat is an Accurate Metaphor For My Brain at the Moment”

You know, after the year you’ve had, you’d be entirely reasonable to just take the rest of the year to enjoy your family and cuddle your cats. Not saying I wouldn’t miss your posts here, mind you, just that you’ve been running full throttle for a long, long time and it would be a healthy and prudent thing for you to have some down-time for a couple-three weeks or so. Cat photos, while not as intellectually stimulating as your commentary, are always a perfectly acceptable alternative for us to enjoy while you decompress.

On my left, two envelopes to stuff. On my right, a small pile of mail to sort. It’s been this way all afternoon. My blog, if I had the ambition to maintain one, would be called ‘Whenever…’

Scarlett was right, tomorrow is another day.

Col. Snuggledorf has a point, you’re due some down time. Tale pictures, play the ukulele, pet cats, enjoy your home and family. Read stuff for fun! When your brain’s had enough of that it will let you know, but if it meows I don’t want to hear about it.

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