This happened tonight.

How was it? Everything you would imagine it would be. I will note the tortilla, with the pie inside, was fried in butter and topped with cinnamon and sugar. I ate half of it and am this close to a sugar-induced coma. It is glorious.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sweat butter for a while.

25 Comments on “DELICIOUS MADNESS”

  1. Did this include rolling the pie crust up inside the tortilla, too? Or is this a burrito/chimichanga made with the pecan pie filling? (Either way, I’d absolutely try this thing, and I’m not even the world’s biggest fan of pecan pie.)

  2. Er, burrito de pacana? I’m more a burrito-de-papa-con-chorizo guy myself, but hey. I think they call that a ‘pecan turnover,’ right? Looks tasty nonetheless. Sort of on a similar journey, trying to ‘create’ a Chamorro pot pie.

  3. I made fairly ‘conventional’ chili burritos with ground beef, poblanos, black beans and shredded jack cheese. And Cholula, got to be Cholula.

    Yours would make a nice dessert.

  4. I miss the tortilla cheesecake at Montana’s. On the other hand, Jack Astors makes a pecan cheesecake spring rolls that is yummy.

  5. I must dump you as my fictional internet best friend and glom onto Krissy instead.
    My new internet best friend will then make these for me till I am sick as a dog. That’s how I will know I’ve had enough.
    Mmm … fictional burrito pie … mmm.

  6. Will Krissy adopt me? PLEASE?!!!

    It sounds (and looks) AMAZING. I love pecan pie … that and key lime pie were my two favourite desserts while growing up.

  7. I’m with the earlier commenters :: recipe or go home!

    I love pecan pie. Some years ago I wanted to make one, and only had maple syrup… so I used that instead of the Karo corn syrup. Much better, prize winning pies ever since! Recommended.

    Now you tell us (with Krissy’s help) how to do this fried pecan pie. Please? Thanks!

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