New Book and ARCs, 12/10/18

They keep coming! Here’s the latest stack of new books and ARCs that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound. What here is something you’d enjoy having in your own hot little hands? Tell us all in the comments.

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  1. Is that a new The Other’s book or has Anne Bishop moved on to something new? Either way, I’m interested. (Her series, usually, end up eventually disappointing me, but I enjoy the ride.)

  2. I haven’t been big on poetry, but when integrated with relative writings, I find it to be another window on the mind of the writer – even if they didn’t compose the poem. So – I’d like to read the new Theodora Goss. Fairy tales are so fraught with meaning and layers.

  3. Wild Country is the one I really want to read. I have read the others in The Others series multiple times since discovering the series last year.

  4. Definitely Wild Country! Am going to mark my calendar for the release date. Hope there will be more Lake Silence novels but I understand from her fb page that she’s going back to the Black Jewels, to the “Boyos” lol

  5. I am LOVING the YA DC superhero novels that this Superman book is a part of. They’ve been wonderfully refreshing at a time when the publishers seem to be desperate to change the status quo… but not TOO much because Reasons. I know that’s the eternal state of comics, but of late, holy hell!

    So after a college bound Bruce Wayne who has mixed feelings about graduation and doesn’t want to leave his friends (and not brooding I Am The NIGHT!), a young Wonder Woman from a Themyscira out of time who jumped into the modern world equally worldly wise and a little naive and a Selina Kyle who joined the League of Assassins to save her ill sister…. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually excited about Superman for the first time in decades!

    Can I borrow it? Please?

  6. Oh that Superman book. I am loving the YA DCU novels that this book is a part of. Given how the comics industry seems eternally desperate to shift things up but eager to restore continuity, these are fun, fresh takes on tropes that play a little fast and loose with the details while staying true to the heart of the characters.

    So after a college bound Bruce Wayne who’s got mixed feelings about graduation and goodbye to his friends (and affected by his parents’ murder, but not Brooding Eternally About It), a young Wonder Woman who departs a Themyscira out of time and enters the modern world with a bit of naivety and a lot of wisdom, a Selina Kyle who joined the League of Assassins to save her sister… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m genuinely excited about Superman for the first time in years.

  7. Super excited about The Casket of Time. I’ve loved everything Andri Snær Magnason has written, especially LoveStar, and I’m excited he has another book coming out in the States.

  8. “Skull & Pestle” appealed to my imagination so I started to look for Baba Yaga. Interesting explanation of who she’s supposed to be in this clip:

    I’ll be getting that book.

  9. *gasp* An ARC of Wild Country as spotted in the, er, wild! I lust for this one madly — it’ll be the last book in the Others setting for a while — and I’ve been haunting Bishop’s website in hopes of finding an excerpt that can tide me over until the March release date. Kudos on the mail delivery, you lucky man.

  10. Hmmmm. That copy of wild country should not be in your house. You really need to send it to me to mind it for you. Because I am just that helpful.

  11. That Zach Powers book, First Cosmic Velocity, sounds like an intriguing tale. An interesting take on a time period I grew up in but really don’t know much about – the early Soviet space program.

  12. See, this makes me question where I went wrong in life…here I am slaving away as a dentist when I should have pursued a career where people send you books (before official release even!) and demand that you read them.

  13. Pretty much the whole pile, really. :) The new Theodora Goss and the Superman book top the list, though.

  14. A new O’Nan book is excellent news. His “The Night Country” was one of the best ghost stories I’ve ever read, thoughtful and beautifully written. Will be looking into this.

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