Brief Administrative Note

This Friday is basically my last working day of the year, so if you want/need something from me in 2018, you should contact me about it real soon. Like, uh, by Friday.

That’s all.

(PS: If you’ve requested a January Big Idea, don’t panic, I’ll be processing those soon(ish).)

5 Comments on “Brief Administrative Note”

  1. What I want is:

    A few goats for milking
    A few alpaca
    A donkey
    Two mini mules
    A carriage

    And to be able to foster kittens. But my husband won’t let me. Because he’s mean. Or wise. Hurmph.

  2. Can’t believe it’s already Scalzi’s Done For 2018. This work period just flew by!! Thanks for all the great content, and your tour visit to Los Angeles this year! And the cat pics, of course. Especially.

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