Virtue Signaling eBook Now Available (and Hardcover Almost Sold Out!)

In case you missed the announcement on Twitter yesterday, the eBook version of Virtue Signaling is now out in the world and available, both from Subterranean Press directly, and also from other eBook retailers. The eBook edition is just $4.99, which makes it a perfect “splurge” purchase for you or the people you love, who also love eBooks. Get two! Or six! They’re cheap!

(If you’d prefer the signed, limited hardcover, there are a few copies left — and I do mean a few, we’re down to the last couple dozen. Go here to get one. After those are gone, they’re gone forever.)

No matter how you get this book, it’s a pretty good one. I’m proud of it, and happy it’s out a little early so you can enjoy it before the end of the year. Happy reading!

5 Comments on “Virtue Signaling eBook Now Available (and Hardcover Almost Sold Out!)”

  1. My copy arrived yesterday, all the way down at the bottom of the world in New Zealand. It’s number 189, and it’s a very handsome book indeed. I am greatly enjoying the reading of it.

  2. My copy came last week. I’ve decided to call it a Christmas present, so it is still in the plastic cover. Since I’m a (almost) daily reader of Whatever, I’m sure I’ve already read most of the material. That makes the waiting a bit easier.

  3. My copy (number 57!) arrived last week as well, and I am impatiently awaiting my planned day off next week to spend curled up with a book, a lapful of purring cats, and a cup of hot chocolate. Thanks for brightening my holidays!

  4. I enjoyed it! You write essays very well. I disagreed with parts, but never enough to throw things. I came into your writing on this blog, referred from elsewhere in SFdom. I have always enjoyed your essays. I buy your books, largely as if they were written by a colleague or friend I kinda know, not so much as though I think they are great SF. However your essays are often very good, and sometimes great. Thank you for the book!

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